I recently came through a series of events, each one feeling as though I was walking through pitch black with no spec of light to guide me. I thought I would be swallowed up and dragged into the depths of hell, where I would never be heard from again. I was in the deepest state of fear I think I have ever experienced, and this fear was pulling me down into desperation and separation. I felt completely alone. My mind continuously spun out tall tales of how I was going to fail and fall flat on my face. I even began to feel that falling on my face would be better than what I was imagining was going to happen just beyond that ridge of fear I was on.

I was giving in to a socially and environmentally LEARNED behavior, one that many of us have experienced and may not be aware of. I was allowing my ego to drive my actions and reactions, and I was pinching off my very own navigation system – my intuition.

This planet can feel like the most nightmarish place when you are reacting from your mind. Your mind can conjure up all kinds of scenarios that your ego is just salivating to prove true – doing its very best to keep you “safe” from harm – but, in the process, moving you further away from your heart connection with the Divine.

As tempting as it may be to turn to friends or family for advice or to follow the news, your doctor or other influential figures, keep in mind that their personal experiences, their fears and insecurities can’t help but influence their suggestions and, thus, ultimately, only add to your confusion – driving you deeper into turmoil.

When we are in fear, we automatically and unconsciously constrict our muscles, our blood vessels, our organs, our breathing.

What do you think this does to your brain? Your heart? Your circulation? Your Spirit?

NOW, how do you combat this?

The times when we are gripped by fear are really opportunities to establish a deeper faith and trust in the invisible realm. This is why I now invite you to begin a meditation practice and start to turn the tables on this behavior, this automatic reaction.

I ask that you move beyond the parameters of your current life, your responsibilities, your obligations, your perceptions, and others’ projections. Set aside 10 to 30 minutes a day, whatever you can manage, and create a ritual that allows the light from your connection with the Divine to cleanse your body, mind and soul. Carve out sacred time, just as you would to watch your favorite TV show. Use this sacred time to get quiet, go within, and simply BE.

Let this time, however long, be a time that you plug in and regenerate by cultivating a connection with your Creator, your Angels and your Guides. Open your heart to receive the loving nectar of a high vibrational energy that can move you to tears, gratitude, forgiveness, bliss and love.

The next time you are faced with the ridge of fear of the unknown, instead of trying to figure it out alone, plug in and allow your intuition to be your guiding force. After all, it is information coming straight from God…the Creator of all things, including YOU.

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