Imagine yourself standing in front of a set of two very large elevator doors. You are about to step into this elevator, but you have no idea where you will be taken. You inhale a deep breath and sigh it out, allowing your anxiety to release through your exhale.

The elevator comes to a stop in front of you signaled by a bell, and the two steel doors swish open, the breeze hitting you in the face. You pick up your right foot and take a step forward, feeling your emotions vacillate between excitement and fear. Regardless of this fear, you step in and hold onto the side rails that are attached to the walls of this large elevator.

You press the button to go down and catch your breath, anticipating the jerking motion as the elevator starts its descent. Down, down, down it goes to a place you have never been before. As you fall, you feel yourself being pulled deeper into your inner world.

You feel a powerful energy surrounding you in this elevator as it surges deep in the earth, reaching its final resting place with a thump.

As the doors open, you are immediately hit with the smell of rich soil. Your eyes focus for a moment, and you can now see rows and rows of tall, thick green mature trees lining a deeply shadowed path of pine cones, needles and deep red earth. As your senses come more alive, you hear water bubbling in a nearby stream. Birds are chirping to you from their perches in the tall trees. You take in a deep breath of this forest and immediately feel a sense of comfort, of recognition, of being at home.

As you step onto the path, pine needles crunch beneath the weight of your feet. The fear has left you now, and your awareness of your surroundings intensifies. You are now sensing the flavor of this hallowed forest, and you are keenly aware that you are not alone.

You stand quietly for a bit; your soul unites with this hidden realm that exists in the spaces between Nirvana and earth.

Suddenly, an intense beam of light comes through the trees, illuminating the forest in a beautiful soft yellow light of pure love. Your anticipation increases volumes as you now find yourself surrounded by a flood of angelic beings, swirling in a circle all around you. Colors of pale pink, lavender and soft blue emanate from these light beings as they encircle you in their stunning brilliance. You feel a great pressure as they move into and through your body, pushing your physical body out and splintering it into pieces as it falls to the ground like a pile of clothing.

At this moment, your soul emerges into a radiant beam of golden light, and you are now dancing with these beings. You feel their intense energy bathing your soul with their healing light, and you are at one with them.

When I had this vision myself, I was reminded that we are all no different than they – light, encapsulated in an earthly body, connected through the soul.

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