About Lynzie’s Meditation Guide

How I Reconnected with My True Self (and How You Can, Too!)

By Lynzie Bailey

About 5 years ago I was financially and emotionally struggling to hang on to a home that felt like a giant anchor pulling me toward financial ruin…

I believed that the home I “owned” was the most important part of my identity, a symbol of my success or failure. I felt an enormous sense of defeat when faced with foreclosure. Yet I was unable to face that I was a big part of my own problem.

I would soon realize that I had been lured away from connecting with the Divine and discouraged from following my own intuition by outside influences. I was about to discover my true and best Divine path.

Many times, I had considered starting to meditate but couldn’t commit to devoting the time and patience to be successful at it.


One day, I went into my backyard, plugged into a short, basic meditation I found online and sat for 5 minutes, wrestling with my mind, but sticking with it, nevertheless. I repeated the exercise until, by the end of the week, I had gotten to the 10-minute mark. I had finally pushed through a dense block of resistance I had faced for a very l-o-n-g time.

I experimented with all types of meditation. I was meditating several times a day now and reveling in a high energy vibration. About two weeks later, during my second call of the week with a new business coach, I had an experience that changed the course of my life. On my Independence Day – July 4th, 2013 – I finally said yes to letting go of the house I had called home for 10 years.

At the time, even though my identity was still too tied to the physical structure I called “home”, I knew I was changing for the better. I was getting an inkling that “hOMe” is within. Losing my house to foreclosure had led me to a spiritual awakening. I see now that everything that has happened in my life – losing the home I had worked so hard for, my childhood struggles, my background in nursing, and more – was all perfect and just what should have occurred! I had found my soul’s purpose. My meditation practice became the backdrop for my cosmic exploration, the uncovering of a connection with my newly discovered Spirit Family. It seemed my Guides and Angels were suddenly speaking to me…or was it that I was finally listening and more aware?

I now found myself on a journey inward, building a bridge I could walk over any time I needed to connect with that secret place where visions and communications from another reality come through.

A year after starting my meditation practice, I received a message that I was to write a meditation program for beginners.This was the inception of my program, Building The Bridge Inward Through Meditation: A guide to Divine connection and direction. This gift that came through me to share with the world has pieces of my heart threaded throughout every paragraph.

Think of my meditation guide as a template you can use to build your own meditation practice. Whether you are just starting out or have some experience, I believe you will discover in it the guidance you might find helpful in connecting with your own true self.

Building The Bridge Inward Through Meditation: A guide to Divine connection and direction

What’s included with this guide:

  • An introduction to meditation and a “getting started” guide
  • 10 stepped, guided meditations accompanied by special music to enhance your listening enjoyment!
  • A bonus centering and grounding meditation you can do in just 8 minutes
  • A journal section to help you get started in journaling your meditation experiences and dreams