Medical and Spiritual Healing Facilitation

Do you have an undiagnosed illness or strange symptoms no one can figure out?

Are you having trouble sleeping, have anxiety, or experience difficulty unwinding?

Are you (or your pet) living with a serious illness and are seeking alternative or complementary options?

These are just a few things that can be addressed in a healing session with me.

About Healing Sessions with Me

Our Spirit body is just as important as the physical and goes hand in hand with our total sense of well-being. Restoring our physical body back to balance starts with cleansing, detoxifying, and restoring our Spirit body. If we are blocked in our Spirit, dis-ease will most likely show up in our physical body.

In your healing session with me, you and I determine where the blockages are in your physical body, as well as how your Spirit body may be suffering. We also look at how those two parts of you may be influencing each other. We determine these issues affecting your health by talking about your personal history – your struggles, current physical health and / or emotional challenges, and past experiences.

With the information we talk out together, I can begin to construct a sort of frame, like the outline of a puzzle, that is you. This process allows me to intuit what is going on in your being, spiritually and physically – in other words, the total “you”. This information helps me to determine how I can best support you on your healing journey of self-discovery; this process does not happen overnight.

Your willingness to being open is necessary to restoring wholeness of body and spirit. You can then begin to see clearly what is beneath the suffering.

Sometimes, healing is not possible for specific reasons – or it takes more time than you might expect. Some of our work together, then, will be devoted to helping you become aware of any subconscious limiting beliefs and Karma influencing your healing.

I also recommend adopting a regular meditation practice. A regular meditation practice can re-connect you with the Divine, facilitating your healing journey.

I may also make recommendations on other things I feel would be beneficial to your healing process, such as my “Sunday Group Healing Call” (see “Neil’s Story”).

For additional information, to schedule a complimentary consultation or to make an appointment, please contact me by email at:

In the meantime, you might want to read the frequently asked questions about my healing sessions, learn more about my meditation guide or check out my blog.


An Example of a Healing Session

“Neil” came to me suffering from an inability to be open and trusting in relationships. He said, “I feel that anyone in my life will, at a moment’s notice, leave me. So, I maintain my distance, or worse, leave before the other person has a chance to.”

Neil and I looked into his “his-story” to see where this behavior came from. He told me that he had been adopted as part of a closed process. Later in life, he discovered that his biological father had abandoned his birth mother and that she had given him up. Through my work with Neil, we discovered that his heart showed signs of weakness. With further work, Neil found that he had more energy and could breathe more deeply than he had before we started our healing sessions.

Subsequently, I strongly recommended that Neil listen to “Subconscious Repair”, part of my Sunday Group Healing Call, allowing negative programming to be removed from his subconscious.

I hope you can see in my story about Neil how this type of healing can expand your awareness and understanding of the intricacies of your entire being. The techniques I use can be done anywhere, thus allowing me to work with clients by phone and / or remotely.

Questions Lynzie is frequently asked about her private healing sessions

How do I set up an individual call with Lynzie?

You can contact her via email at: and set up a 15-minute complimentary consultation.

May I call Lynzie with questions after the scheduled session has been completed?

After scheduled time for a session is completed, you may text or email Lynzie up to two times to let her know how you are doing and / or with any questions you might have. At that time, any further sessions needed can be discussed and / or scheduled.

How many sessions does Lynzie typically schedule with an individual?

The number of sessions varies with each person. The point is that Lynzie is committed to working on your behalf to help you achieve a resolution and a clearer picture of the underlying causes for your spiritual, physical, or emotional dis-ease.

How much do individual sessions with Lynzie cost?

The initial 90-minute session is $200. Costs for all future sessions will be determined after the initial session.

What types of things might Lynzie suggest that would lend individuals continued healing support?

One recommendation would be to begin a meditation practice. Learn more about Lynzie’s guide to meditating here. Another tool people find helpful is the Sunday Group Healing Call. You can also follow Lynzie’s blog.

About the Sunday Group Healing Call

The Sunday Group Healing Call is for those who are ready to clear negative emotions, release past traumas and / or break addictive behaviors that don’t serve your best life path. By tuning into this call, you are allowing Master Angelic Beings to remove negative programming stored in the subconscious. This programming is how we act and react in our day to day.

Each Sunday, the group call begins with my introduction, which helps participants prepare for the Master Angelic Beings’ healing as they listen to “Subconscious Repair”, a spiritual experience that lasts approximately 20 minutes. The call ends with one or two additional guided meditations (different from Sunday to Sunday), each of which focuses on a particular aspect of the healing process. Each call begins at 7:30 pm Pacific and ends at approximately 8:30 pm.

There is no charge for this call, but you must sign up ahead of time. Sign up in the box on this page to receive a weekly email message about the calls, or click our “Calendar” to see all call details.

In the meantime, you might want to read the frequently asked questions about my healing sessions provided elsewhere on this page, learn more about my meditation guide, or check out my blog.

Questions Lynzie is frequently asked about the Sunday Group Healing Call

Do I have to sign up to attend the Sunday Group Healing Call, or can I just join the call?

Sign up for the Sunday Group Healing Call in the light blue box on this page. Then, simply call in using the number and access code provided to you by email. Once you have signed up for the call, you will receive weekly email reminders about the call if you so choose.

Is there any cost associated with joining the Sunday Group Healing Call?

The Sunday Group Healing Call is free of charge, and once you subscribe, you may come on the call as many times as you like.

How is the Sunday Group Healing Call structured?

As people come onto the call, many participants will share things about their week. This is not mandatory, and it is perfectly fine to remain silent during the entire call. Lynzie will begin the call with a short talk and then start the guided meditation recordings.

After the last recording has ended, she will ask call participants for any additional questions or comments.

As a healer and intuitive myself, I’m sensitive to the energetic presence of angels and spirit guides. I decided to try out these group healing calls at the urging of a fellow intuitive. She’s found great benefit from working with Master John Douglas and the Master Healing Angels who accompany him.

I joined in on the calls for a while, then missed a few. Once I started calling in again, it took about 3 weeks to feel a difference. One night I was quietly reflecting on some of my issues, mainly sadness, grief and depression. After 3 years, it seemed as though I was never going to shake these feelings of heaviness! Then I suddenly “FELT” a layer of heavy energy being lifted off me, seeing this in my mind’s eye. The layer was horizontal and stretched out quite a ways from my aura. It was really weighing me down. I asked my inner self and guides what it was and the answer came back: “a whole layer of sadness is being lifted from you, Gera.”

I watched this layer go with huge relief, feeling noticeably lighter. I knew that this experience was the result of the healing I was receiving from the Master Angels on the Sunday Call hosted by Lynzie. It happened about 4 days after the Sunday night call, and I hadn’t been doing any other healing work on myself.

Because 2017 and 2018 have been so challenging, I wasn’t sure how to manage my own healing while busily helping others, and these calls were the answer to my prayers! I set the intention to be open to whatever comes up, to receive whatever I needed for my highest good, and I’m so grateful for all that I have received! Thank you, Lynzie, for generously sharing these recordings, and your time and devotion to this work. Your heart is wide open and beautiful! Love and light, Gera F

Gera F., Mission Viejo, CA

The Sunday Call is something I look forward to all week. Lynzie provides a blessed setting with her divinely guided inspirational words before she plays the audio portion of the call. Her words help guide my week ahead. The peace and calm I receive is invaluable. Her generosity, compassion, and devotion to assisting spiritual growth is enormous, and I am so grateful for her. Consistently joining this group and listening to the meditations has increased both the ease and love in my life. Many blessings!
JOANNE, Irvine, CA

Lynzie lovingly, selflessly shares these deeply relaxing, positive, powerful, transformative tools, filled with much love, hope, peace, faith, and gratitude.

I look forward to the weekly calls. They are such a blessing!!!

SUSAN, Santa Barbara, CA

Lynzie’s Sunday evening calls have been a Godsend for me. Lynzie was kind enough to invite me when I was in much need of support and grounding. With stage 4 cancer I was dealing with a lot of fear and wavering faith. Sunday evening calls have helped release fear and give grounding and faith for my upcoming week’s challenges. Cancer can be very lonely and isolating; these calls remind me that I am not alone, that we are Divinely supported and Loved. It has been a Blessing for which I am extremely grateful! I look forward to each and every Sunday.
GLYNN, Eugene, OR

Listening to these meditations has helped me to get out of the space of blaming and complaining. The meditations help me to plug into a higher vibration of loving kindness and compassion.
JEAN, San Diego, CA

The meditations help me to open my heart and let in more light.
KATIE, San Diego, CA

I am very protective of my energy and do not easily ask for help. When I was learning how to use the healing gifts I was blessed with, I did not have another energy worker to exchange ideas with. I preferred to “go it alone” rather than try to find someone who understood the depth and level of truth I required to put my trust in. When I was introduced to Lynzie, that all changed.

Lynzie has blessed my life with her gifts. I know I can trust the information she receives, and we have created a mutual support system with each other. Whether I am seeking a second opinion for a challenging client’s struggle or needing some healing for myself, Lynzie has always been so giving and helpful. More importantly, she is accurate, and her work has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally. I trust Lynzie. As a healer myself, I can give no higher recommendation.