Cross the Bridge of Your Journey to Transformation

Preparing Your Place of Peace: Getting your inner self and your space set up for a peaceful induction into your inner world is the foundational step in beginning your meditation journey.

Understanding that your thoughts will always be with you and learning to be the observer of them is another key piece in allowing yourself to fully relax into your practice.

Length 14:54

Price: $1.00

This meditation will assist you in focusing your intention and traveling more deeply within. The suggestions I make will help you discover the expanded layers of consciousness and the door to your Divine connection.

Length 13:56

Price: $1.00

Finding yourself in an emotional storm that throws you off balance is an indication you’ve gone off course – perhaps listening to the fear-based suggestions of the outside world. This meditation will guide you into quiet contemplation, allowing you the time to become more balanced and centered before moving forward again.

Length 14:44

Price: $1.00

Staying centered, even when the world around you is in turmoil, is the best way to handle your stormiest days. This meditation provides direction on plugging into your Divine source and staying connected to your center. This will allow you to move more smoothly and assuredly through these storms.

Length 15:58

Price: $1.00

Establishing a new habit takes time. However, each time you practice meditation, you are reinforcing a positive message that you are worthy of the time and effort of dropping into your inner world, allowing the flow of peace and well-being into your life.

Length 19:40

Price: $1.00

Letting go doesn’t need to be as painful as we sometimes make it. It simply means creating the dream or desire and then “letting go” of how or when it will manifest itself, and thus leaving this up to the Divine. This takes the pressure off you to make it happen.

Length 15:38

Price: $1.00

This meditation will take you through a process of asking for forgiveness or forgiving yourself or someone you have waited to forgive. This is a reminder that YOU have the power now to forgive, releasing yourself from the self-placed burden of un-forgiveness.

Length 20:48

Price: $1.00

When you come to a place where you can go no further, and you have no idea which way to turn…surrender! Take your hands off the wheel and allow yourself to be guided to the best possible outcome. Who knows; it could end up being much better than you ever expected.

Length 25:42

Price: $1.00

Do you have a dream in your heart but feel unworthy or uncertain of how to manifest it in your reality? This meditation will guide you to turn inward for support and confirmation when you feel your dreams are near and to turn away from the outside world’s influence…to trust that when you feel something so strong in your heart, you are on the right track!

Length 25:49

Price: $1.00

How do you make sense of all the troublesome events in this world and find peace in the path of an undeniable storm? This meditation will guide you through the practice of peace, love and compassion within yourself, which is the best way to contribute to world peace.

Length 25:41

Price: $1.00

Centering and Aligning Your Energy

by Lynzie Bailey | Listen to a short preview

Imagine a white ball of light coming down from above and entering the top of your head. This light moves down through your body into the ground, then back up to the creator, plugging you in…helping you to feel centered and grounded. This meditation is perfect to do first thing in the morning and / or any time you are feeling out of balance.

Length 7:55

Price: $1.00

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