Discover how to build the bridge inward and reconnect with your inner home

Building The Bridge Inward Through Meditation: A guide to Divine connection and direction

This stepped program consists of:

  • An introduction and getting started guide
  • Eleven MP3 guided meditations (downloadable)
  • A journal to get you started

Sold  separately, these guided meditations can be easily downloaded onto your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Listen anywhere you are!

Choose from eleven different topics to facilitate and enhance your sense of connection with your spirit family.

Guided meditations

Do you crave a deeper connection with your Soul-Self, Mother Earth, the Divine? Check out my simple to follow meditation and visualization guide where you will discover the bridge that will connect you with your whole being!


Healing Calls

Lynzie offers two types of healing calls, Group and Private. The private calls are fee-based and designed to suit your individual healing needs.

Your Private Call involves you and Lynzie, together, addressing your unique healing process in person and / or by phone.

The Sunday Group Call is non-fee-based, involving a group of people calling in to a regularly scheduled session that helps participants tap into the Divine’s subconscious healing power.

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Resilience: (n) The capacity to absorb energy from disruption.   Envision for a moment pieces of a puzzle that reflect your life experiences. Each piece represents a monumental time in your life…a memory burned into your being. Each piece arrives at different...

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Approaching and moving through a new experience can sometimes feel as though we are blindfolded, driven out to the desert, dropped off and left to find our way home – without map or cell phone. We may end up going the wrong way, fall, scrape a knee, or twist an ankle....

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