Cross the Bridge of Your Journey to Transformation

Lynzie’s Story…

I am a sensitive, gentle soul who chose to come to earth. The things I came here to learn form a kind of “lesson plan” I use to help others develop a meditation practice that supports them in connecting with the Divine. I also offer healing sessions in person and remotely for individuals and / or their animals.

I grew up the middle child in a family of seven. Religion dominated the family dynamic. Until the age of 50, I believed that a ceiling and walls caged my world and that I could go only so far until…choosing to let go of my physical home precipitated a Spiritual Awakening, revealing that I had a choice about my spiritual home as well. My inner home’s boundaries disappeared, and my spirit was freed.

My guide was born out of my own experience with developing a meditation practice. In it, I invite readers to come on a journey to discover or rediscover their Divine connection. My guide is for those with a deep spiritual hunger to connect with their soul.

I believe that most of us, including myself, were made unaware of our connection to the hOMe within due to societal conditioning, strong religious beliefs and / or the influence of other people in our lives. My mission is to assist those who yearn for this connection, guiding them to discover access to the unlimited support from the spiritual realm that is available to all of us.

My spiritual journey started when I was involved in a lengthy battle to save my home. I decided to stop struggling, let go and move on. This experience changed my life in such a profound way that I was compelled to share what I had learned with others.

I enjoy helping those who are open to transformation, empowering my clients by teaching the principles I have learned thus far in my spiritual journey so that they can make their own best decisions. Every human thought, word or deed sets off a wave of energy throughout the universe that creates an effect (which must be physically manifested and is desirable or undesirable). Good thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds are essential for a better world and for creating positive effects.

My career path led me from the medical field into real estate. The thread of connection was the desire to help people heal, not only from their physical ailments, but their spiritual injuries as well. It was when I was a real estate investor that I struggled with my own understanding of what “hOMe” really represents. My discovery was that it is not the structure (the literal roof over my head) but the inner world where we should go to connect with the higher guidance that always has our highest good at heart.

I believe that actually experiencing something firsthand is the avenue to enlightenment. And there are no shortcuts. We must live it to be it! My dream is to facilitate the creation of a likeminded community of people all over the world who are answering the call of their soul’s urgings.

What people are saying about Lynzie’s healing…

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my grandmother. Being my grandmother’s only family member in the country and four months pregnant with my first baby, I was devastated to see her going downhill quickly – so much so that her care team advised that she go into hospice. After a few weeks, she was developing severe anxiety to the point where she felt she couldn’t breathe. She would have panic attacks, so I had to consider stopping my visits just to keep her comfortable. This was heartbreaking.

I had already been working with Lynzie for a few months at this point, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what she could do for my grandma. Lynzie confirmed that there was a benefit to her involvement, so she began working with my grandmother, making recommendations for her spiritual and emotional well-being. Within two weeks of implementing her suggestions and after Lynzie started her healing work, we saw great improvement.

I watched as my grandmother entered a peaceful state and knew that she was experiencing soul healing. Lynzie does a lot of work involving the kidneys and urinary system, and this has been very helpful in my grandmother’s case. She began sleeping through the night without medication, walking more, and going to the bathroom on her own. Her panic attacks decreased by about half. No one involved in her care could deny these improvements.

We now feel that my grandmother can easily live to meet my baby, a remote possibility at best before Lynzie began working with her. I couldn’t ask for a greater gift at this time for me and my beloved grandmother.

Joelle F.

Santa Barbara, CA



Over the last 6 months, Lynzie has been of tremendous assistance to me, my fiancé, grandma, and beloved animals. What initially led me to Lynzie was a mysterious health issue that my fiancé had, which remained unidentified and unresolved after several consultations with doctors and specialists, diagnostic testing, and other standard health care measures.

About a year before my fiancé’s illness, I saved a screenshot of Lynzie’s reply to someone on our neighborhood social media site. I just knew I would need to connect with her one day. When that day came, I found that screenshot and reached out to her. We had our first virtual meeting with Lynzie the following Friday. Just three days later, I found out I was pregnant. I don’t think the timing of our meeting was, in any way, a coincidence, and I will explain why.

Lynzie initially helped my fiancé, who quickly felt better after following her suggestions, during which time I was able to see what she was capable of and knew I would need her support for myself, too!

We started out by researching and then streamlining the list of supplements I would need during my pregnancy. This has worked out wonderfully for me so far; I am now twenty-nine weeks pregnant and doing very well. Soon into our work together, and after Lynzie also facilitated some amazing work on my two cats, we began working more on the spiritual issues I have been facing for some time. To me, they have become much more critical to address in terms of the limited (personal) time I have before my baby arrives.

Lynzie’s guidance, plus her healing techniques that address my physical and spiritual challenges, along with recommendations of several spiritual tools, has left me nothing less than amazed with my personal progress. Things I have struggled with for a long time seem to be resolving much more quickly with her support.

One of the tricky issues that came up during my pregnancy is my blood type, which I learned is negative. We verified through fetal testing that my baby’s blood is positive and thus incompatible with my blood type, so there was no way around getting treatment (via an injection of Rhogam). This injection is given at the beginning of the third trimester and again at birth. Rhogam is absolutely necessary to prevent risk of serious and potentially fatal complications for future pregnancies. However, intuitively I knew that this injection contained something that may be harmful to me, and I discussed it with Lynzie.

Rhogam is a blood plasma product, which until just 20 years ago contained a preservative linked to neurologic damage. This preservative has been reported to have been removed from the formula. Through my research, I discovered that Rhogam can potentially contain undetected blood-borne pathogens. Lynzie did quite a lot of remote sensing around this issue and found that indeed it could potentially pose a threat to me and my unborn baby. Together, Lynzie and I worked over the next couple of months to mitigate any negative karma that was linked to this situation. Together, we formulated a plan to decontaminate the treatment at the time it was given.

My doctor warned me that the injection could cause some fairly uncomfortable side effects, but I had no ill effects. However, for the next few days after I received the injection, I experienced what Lynzie refers to as karmic rent, a recalculation of the karma I had and continued to work through for this situation. Over the next several days, things got a little crazy for me, my fiancé, and my cats, but Lynzie guided us through it all and helped me see how karma works and how it can be mitigated.

Throughout this experience (and others I have had, working with Lynzie), I knew, at a deep level, that the Angels were letting me know that they were handling business. I also understood how necessary this balancing was in order to mitigate whatever damage the Rhogam injection could have caused me and my baby. I thank Lynzie from the bottom of my heart for her support throughout this journey and know there are many more healings to come.

Joelle F.

Santa Barbara, CA



I have had the pleasure of working with Lynzie regarding some issues initially related to infertility. What appeared to be one issue was, in fact, connected to much more. Through Lynzie’s gifts of intuition and deep spirituality, she was able to guide me down a path of exploration and self-transformation. While much of it wasn’t easy, she always made herself available and was incredibly supportive through it all.

Lynzie has a keen sense of how the emotional and physical worlds connect and can sometimes help you make sense of things that seem hopeless. She allows you to see that all struggle is an opportunity for change, that connection to a higher power is healing, and that reframing the way you see challenges is possible. The practice of shifting your mindset is one of the most important lessons we can learn on this earth and having her as a guide to do it makes it that much more possible.

Thank you, Lynzie, for all you’ve done to help me grow. I will forever be grateful to you.

Rachel L.

Chicago, IL




Working with Lynzie is a pleasure. She is empathetic, intuitive and intelligent. She has a remarkable knowledge of the human anatomy. She approaches each client’s situation with impressive tenacity effortlessly putting together a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. She leaves me in awe of her talents and grateful for the light she brings to this world.





As a mother, I am always wanting to do the best I can on behalf of my children. Recently, my six-year-old son Ryan was complaining of a weird feeling at the top of his collar bones and below his throat. He told me he had to hunch forward and shrug his shoulders upwards toward his head to get comfortable and that the pressure felt deep and was very annoying. Of course, I tried to figure out what he was telling me, and I came up with nothing.

I asked Lynzie if we could do a session for him, and sure enough, she was able to identify that his Thymus gland was full of infections, and the infections had blocked the gland so they weren’t able to move out of the body. This put pressure on his upper chest. The infections had also spread to his collar bone, sternum, and frontal ribcage, causing pressure to radiate toward the front and back of his chest and neck.

That night, he wore detox foot patches to help draw the infections out of his body and woke up the next day telling me he felt tired but much better. He was no longer having to hunch forward to get comfortable. The work Lynzie does with the Angels is amazing, and I highly recommend it. Being able to get to the root of a problem and not just putting a band aid on it is definitely the way to go.

Thank you Lynzie,

You have been so amazing and helpful.

Jenna H. Tracey CA



I have reached out to Lynzie for help for so many things, and every time, I am so lucky to be able to work through my life and health challenges. One issue I am still working on is related to karma. I believe my story may help others dealing with this challenge. I have reached out to Lynzie on several occasions with symptoms of chest pains, being overly tired, headaches and numbness and heaviness in my limbs. Lynzie did some work and recommended that I do a Karmic Mitigation Blessing (more information on this below) when I was able to. I did the Karmic Mitigation Blessing the next day and continued to do follow-up sessions with Lynzie to monitor my symptoms.

She has also recommended that I listen to Karmic Repair a couple times a day, if possible, to help rebalance any negative Karma connected to my challenges.  I listened 2 to 3 times a day over two weeks before I really noticed a shift. One evening I started to feel much better, and the next day I woke up feeling better than I had in weeks.

I continue to listen to Karmic Repair 2 to 3 times each day and am seeing more positive shifts. At times, I have wanted to give up when I don’t see immediate results, but with Lynzie’s guidance and support, I keep at it.

Not everything can be fixed overnight, but with a little bit of faith, patience and a willingness to continue to do the work, positive results will show up and ease, grace and flow will smooth out the rough times. It is very much worth it to keep persevering and not give up.

Jenna H. Tracey CA

If you would like more information on the CD Karmic Repair and information on what a Karmic Mitigation Blessing is you may go to or reach out to me for questions through my contact tab on the home page.



My daughter has many food issues, and it can be a struggle at times to tell if she doesn’t want to eat something (she is 5) or if she is really having a food issue. Recently, she told me she couldn’t seem to chew her food enough to swallow it. Meat tended to be the most difficult for her. She slowly started complaining about some of her favorite foods, so I knew it wasn’t just her being a kid not wanting to eat. At the same time, she also started complaining that some of her teeth hurt.

I reached out to Lynzie for a session, and sure enough, Lynzie found that her salivary glands were blocked, limiting her saliva secretion, which aids in the breakdown of food. Within a day she was eating normal again, and two weeks later she had a dentist appointment. No cavities!  We took care of the problem in time!

Thank you Lynzie,

You have been so amazing and helpful.

Jenna H. Tracey CA



I sat in the theater on a Thursday afternoon eating popcorn and enjoying a movie. Somewhere around mid-movie, without even hitting a kernel, I could feel the sensation of a tooth issue slowly creeping in. By Thursday night the pain began increasing, and by Friday morning I knew I had a serious problem. Calling the dentist only exacerbated the frustration because the earliest I could get an appointment was the next week.

Two uninvited things in this world will bring anyone to his or her knees – back pain and tooth pain. By Friday night I was ready to pull a drill out of the workshop and burrow into the tooth with it – I figured anything would be better than the agony I was in. You know us guys, ready to fix whatever with a tool. Fortunately, I passed on the drill idea, and with my wife’s encouragement, contacted Lynzie Bailey.  We have been friends for years, and I know she has helped many people through intuitive healing.

One phone call and a few questions and answers between us, and this was her emphatic conclusion: “Do not drill that tooth; I don’t think that’s your problem, and I know you’re no dentist!” Then she went to work remotely with the healing help of her Angel team.

If you’ve never tried this method of healing and question its validity, I would say that that is understandable. You also have to understand that, in that moment of pain, you too would be ready to stand on your head and stack BB’s if needed to stop it. You may ask, “Why weren’t you on pain medications?” I had been taking Ibuprofen since that morning, and the pain just ran roughshod over those pills.

What happened after Lynzie started working on me? The honest answer? The pain was 99 percent gone in 10 minutes!! I couldn’t drink water or even bite down on a soft banana before she went to work, and within 30 minutes, I was eating dinner and drinking water. It was truly a miracle!

I found out the following week at the dentist that the tooth I was ready to drill was not the issue. Pain transference can be so deceiving sometimes. Turns out, it was the tooth above the one I had wanted to drill into that had an infection/abscess. The dentist was happy to see that the infection had drained, and the tooth was healing.

I cannot thank Lynzie enough for all that she did to help me. She is always so humble and gives credit to the healing angels. But I know that, without her intercession with them, I would probably have done something I would come to regret. (You’ll be glad to know the drill hangs unused – at least for dental procedures – in my workshop.)

Thank you again, Lynzie. You are blessed.

David B. Martinez CA


I have a heightened sensitivity to mold and fungus that affects my health, causing inflammation, headache, light sensitivity, and brain fog. I have been struggling with mold exposure a lot lately and at times I am simply too wiped out to take care of it on my own.

I am an intuitive healer, just as Lynzie is, but when my immune system becomes overwhelmed with airborne mold spores, I call her in to take over. She is not only accurate; I can typically, immediately feel the results of her requests to the Master Angels for healing on my behalf. Lynzie is creative in her approach and gets me back on my feet so that I can continue with my own work in addition to caring for my family.

Lynzie has also facilitated healing of my daughter and my cats. I recommend Lynzie to anyone who is dealing with health challenges. She is compassionate and understanding, and she takes her work seriously. Lynzie has an excellent relationship with the Master Angels as evidenced by her results.

Thank you Lynzie for your support,

Christine L. Virginia


I am very protective of my energy and do not easily ask for help. When I was learning how to use the healing gifts I was blessed with, I did not have another energy worker to exchange ideas with. I preferred to “go it alone” rather than try to find someone who understood the depth and level of truth I required to put my trust in. When I was introduced to Lynzie, that all changed.

Lynzie has blessed my life with her gifts. I know I can trust the information she receives, and we have created a mutual support system with each other. Whether I am seeking a second opinion for a challenging client’s struggle or needing some healing for myself, Lynzie has always been so giving and helpful. More importantly, she is accurate, and her work has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally. I trust Lynzie. As a healer myself, I can give no higher recommendation.

Suzan T. Oregon

Angel Intuitive,

Both Lynzie’s Sunday Group Healing Call and Private Healing Calls have been such an enormous blessing in my life; I look forward every week to Sunday night. The powerful meditation that takes place has completely transformed my life and has helped me so much on my spiritual journey.

Lynzie fosters an amazing environment that allows us to come together each week and share in receiving the gifts and blessings of the divine realm. Lynzie is also an incredibly powerful, kind, and intuitive healer herself, and I have greatly benefited from working with her personally.

Lynzie has an incredible gift, and I am so blessed to have been able to work with and learn from her.

Thank you again, Lynzie, for all you do!

Dimitri K. Irvine CA


I have been working with Lynzie for close to two years after my asthma took a turn for the worse. It is hard to put into words how my physical and mental health has changed for the better in those two years. When I first started working with Lynzie, I was on a high dosage maintenance asthma inhaler, daily use of my rescue inhaler, and weekly acupuncture treatments and still had difficulty performing everyday activities. I was also experiencing other health issues that I later found out were side effects from long-term inhaled steroid use.

By October 1, 2017 I was cleared by my new doctor to get off the maintenance inhaler I was using at the time (something several other doctors said would never happen). My new inhaler was delivering a much lower dosage. I was able to stop acupuncture treatments as well.

Before working with Lynzie, I did not understand how accurate my intuition was. In fact, I discounted it most of the time. Using the tools she recommends has helped me get back in tune with my inner voice and surrender to whatever unfolds. My obsession with being in control of my emotions and thoughts prevented me from living in the moment and feeling the blessings and gratitude for what I had.

I continue to work with Lynzie every month on my journey to a healthier physical and spiritual me.

Cindy B. Martinez CA

Lynzie guided me through a recent health crisis. She helped me eliminate an undesirable health condition, and in the process, I learned so much about myself.

Because I am now working with Lynzie, I am in much better health physically, energetically and spiritually. I also feel a tremendous shift in my overall understanding of reality and what is possible in the field of healing.

Lynzie is such a gift to anyone who might seek her support. She truly shines in her unwavering commitment to alleviate suffering in this world!

Katrina C.  North Carolina

Since working with Lynzie and the Master Angels, I have noticed a greater Spiritual, Mental, and Physical well-being. My intuition has become clearer and more focused on what tools to use to continue removing blockages in my physical and spiritual bodies – things that have caused me great discomfort and mental interference in my daily life, my whole life.

I now have more energy, less mind chatter and much less inside and outside interference. I am now able to relax more easily and experience a greater sense of peace of mind.

Sam C. Santa Barbara CA