Animal Healing

About Animal Healing Sessions with Me

Your home’s energy sets the thermostat for your pets’ emotional well-being. How you act, react, or treat your animals has everything to do with their physical health and how they act and react toward you and anyone else. Understanding this can help you see how easily animals are affected by thoughts and emotions and very sensitive to energy.

Your pets are most influenced by those who care for them. But they can also pick up negative energy from anyone they feel poses a threat to them or their owner. Some animals, cats mainly, are like the catcher on a baseball team. They can take on negative emotions and illnesses that can then make them ill. They may also mirror an illness the owner has as they take on the role of “healer” for their companion. This is why, when I work with animals, it is important for me to know what is going on in the home.

It is also helpful if you, as your pet’s caretaker, are open to hearing how you and your pet are connected and how your emotional and / or physical health issues can be directly related to your pet’s health and behaviors. I may make recommendations on things I feel would be beneficial to your pet, and potentially you, in the healing process.

I love and am drawn to animals. They are powerful conduits of unconditional love and are very easy to work with because of their lack of resistance. They don’t block healing the way we humans can.

Sometimes, healing is not possible for specific reasons – or it takes more time than you might expect. Some of our work together, then, will be devoted to helping you become aware of any subconscious limiting beliefs and Karma influencing your pet’s connection to you and underlying the reasons the pet can’t heal.

For additional information, to schedule a complimentary consultation or to make an appointment, please contact me by email at:

An Example of an Animal Healing Session

My cat Whisper was very protective of me. I never knew how much until I started to notice that she was showing signs of diabetes. I had also been told by a vet that she was heading in the direction of kidney disease. I was very aware of the signs of diabetes because my previous cat of 17 years was euthanized due to kidney failure from a three-year bout with diabetes.

I was sitting on my couch one day watching Whisper and intuited that my kidneys were holding the energy frequency of fear. Immediately, I made a directed prayer request to clear this negative fear energy from me. Whisper’s symptoms then disappeared.

This was a huge realization! My amazing cat was like a sponge, soaking up and holding my fear energy in her body to protect me. She even had little pouches on her sides that functioned as “holding tanks” for negative energy.

Questions Lynzie is frequently asked about her individual animal healing sessions

How do I set up an individual call with Lynzie?

You can contact her via email at: and set up a 15-minute complimentary consultation.

May I call Lynzie with questions after the scheduled session has been completed?

After scheduled time for a session is completed, you may text or email Lynzie up to two times to let her know how you and your pet are doing and / or with any questions you might have. At that time, any further sessions needed can be discussed and / or scheduled.

How many sessions does Lynzie typically schedule with an individual pet?

The number of sessions varies with each person and the number of pets. The point is that Lynzie is committed to working on behalf of you and your pet to help you achieve a resolution and a clearer picture of the underlying causes for the spiritual, physical, or emotional dis-ease you and / or your pet may be experiencing.

How much do individual sessions with Lynzie cost?

The initial 90-minute session is $200. Costs for all future sessions will be determined after the initial session.

Lynzie has helped me with many things, but what she has done to help my 16-year-old cat ChuChu is extraordinary. When I started working with Lynzie almost 6 months ago, I asked for help with supplementation for my two cats – ChuChu, the sixteen-year-old, and the less-than-a-year-old Pepita. Lynzie found that everything I was giving them was causing allergies and other issues. She helped us put together a perfect and much more streamlined (also less expensive) regimen that has been working beautifully since then.

When I described some hind leg weakness in ChuChu, Lynzie found that both cats were carrying the feline leukemia virus. I had a beloved Siamese cat pass away a little more than a year ago from an aggressive lymphoma, which I suspect precipitated a dormant feline leukemia. Lynzie worked on both cats remotely, discovering that there was some karmic mitigation I needed to do so that my two cats could receive healing from the feline leukemia virus.

She helped me determine what steps I needed to take, and after I completed the mitigation, she was able to request that the virus be killed in both cats. Shortly after this, my older cat, ChuChu, showed signs of better overall wellness, including better energy and improved leg strength.

ChuChu has a fraught health history over the last couple of years. She was hyperthyroid and had intestinal inflammation, indicative of preliminary stages of intestinal lymphoma. After I changed ChuChu’s diet to a raw diet, her internal health improved drastically. She was also hospitalized for I-131 (radioiodine) treatment, which was extremely traumatic for her, but it eliminated her thyroid tumor. While this has extended her life and the quality of it, these experiences have built up a tremendous amount of pent-up physical, emotional, and spiritual distress in ChuChu. She has become extremely sensitive and allergic to just about everything I use for her, including cat litter. This has meant that I must keep up with her ever-changing sensitivities.

Lynzie has been incredibly helpful with these issues because she understands the many layers involved in healing (known and unknown to general veterinary medicine), and she understands how to pick apart the various mysteries that ChuChu has presented with. What prompted me to write this testimonial was what happened to ChuChu this past week.

Without warning, ChuChu came down with a NASTY urinary tract infection. She was fine one day and unable to urinate, except for bloody drops, the next day. I urgently reached out to Lynzie, and she took care of the infection energetically. ChuChu did a little bit better, but then went downhill again; this cycle repeated several times over the next two days.

Lynzie worked with ChuChu remotely on several occasions and instructed me on how to resolve the karma blocking ChuChu’s healing. Because of the trauma ChuChu has experienced from her multitude of vet visits, I knew, and Lynzie validated, that a vet visit could prove to be counterproductive, causing more stress to ChuChu and making her symptoms worse. This may be hard for some people to understand, but in the thick of the situation, it made sense. I had pain medication left over from my late kitty, and Lynzie identified how much to give ChuChu to get her through the worst of the experience. She was in terrible pain, but after she received the medication and experienced Lynzie’s remote sensing, ChuChu’s pain decreased to almost zero.

After a bit of time, Lynzie discovered ChuChu had kidney stones and her body was trying to rid her of them. With Lynzie’s help, the stones dissolved enough to pass, and within a day or two, ChuChu was back to normal, no vet trauma required. Not only was ChuChu back to normal, but she is now better than I have seen her in a couple of years. It was as if this was a crisis that precipitated a tidal wave of many layers of healing that she desperately needed. I will be forever grateful to Lynzie for the unique level of care she was able to provide to ChuChu medically, energetically, and spiritually. She facilitates a beautiful healing experience.


Joelle Fox Santa Barbara, CA

Through the Eyes of Hope

Lynzie is an incredibly gifted animal healing facilitator. When our dog Hope was injured and unable to walk for days, Lynzie, with the help of her Angel team, intuited the root cause of her injury and provided long-distance healing that had an immediate and palpable impact on Hope’s recovery.

Hope, our 15-pound Yorkipoodle mix, injured herself jumping off a bed, and as a result, was in serious pain, rendering her unable to walk or put any weight on her paws. Lynzie determined that Hope had injured her shoulder, jamming her paw and throwing out her hip and back. Lynzie and her Angle team worked on her remotely and within the course of the week, Hope began walking again! Slowly, over the next two months, she regained her strength.

A year later, Hope experienced a similar injury. Through a second session with Lynzie, it was revealed to us that Hope had been malnourished as a baby and had developed weak ligaments, causing her to injure herself easily. We rescued Hope, our now 4-year-old Yorkipoo, when she was 6 months old, and had no insight into her life before her adoption until Lynzie revealed this critical information to us.

At the instance of this second of Hope’s injuries, before our call with Lynzie, Hope had been panting and in pain, lying down. Right after our call, Hope began walking again and showed energy for the first time in days. Lynzie recommended supplements to aid in Hope’s recovery and strengthen her ligaments and connective tissues to ward off any future injuries.

We are so blessed to receive this healing for our Hope, and Lynzie and her relationship with the Master Healing Angels (who provide all the healing through Lynzie), are truly a miracle. Our Hope is now healthy, thriving, and on her way to growing even stronger!


Thank you, Lynzie!

Dimitri Kaviani Irvine, CA

My kitten Cranberry was found abandoned at the Lafayette, California, reservoir. At just 6 weeks old, she was very skinny and had severe stomach problems due to her lack of nutrition. After a couple of vet visits and some blood tests, it was discovered that she had the FeLV virus, or Feline Leukemia, and would mostly likely not have a very long life. Even though she was sick, I couldn’t bear the thought of turning her away, despite the advice of veterinarians and friends. I felt she deserved to have a good and loving home for the time that she was here. I am so happy I made the decision to keep her because she has become the light of my life, and I feel so lucky to have her.

The same week I found Cranberry, I started dating Lynzie’s son Adam. On our first date I was telling him all about Cranberry and how amazing she was. He loved animals and wanted to meet her as soon as possible. Adam and I had only been dating a month or two when he started to open up about the work that his mom does. He told me that he mentioned Cranberry’s condition to her and that she had asked if she could so some healing work on Cranberry. Lynzie seemed passionate about helping me and Cranberry, so I decided to listen to what she had to say and allow her to do her work. I knew it was a big step for Adam and Lynzie as mother and son, so it made me feel better that he too was willing to listen.
I sent Lynzie some pictures of Cranberry, so she had something to focus on while doing her work. She worked on Cranberry for an extended period, with a couple of Facetime sessions involving the three of us.

The last time we spoke, Lynzie told me that she and another friend of hers, who also does the same type of work, had both done a scan on Cranberry and the FeLV virus was gone. There was no trace of it left. I was so happy, but of course still skeptical.
It just so happened that the same week Lynzie told Adam and me the great news, Cranberry was scheduled to be spayed. Lynzie asked me to have the vet do the blood tests again and was sure it would come back negative. This is when it really began to sink in for me that Lynzie is the real deal. She was encouraging me to get proof. I swear my heart was steadily racing and pounding up until the day I got the results.
When I asked the doctor to do the tests again, she gave me a funny look, but she went ahead and did them anyway. On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, I got off work to find two voicemails from the vet’s office. One voicemail was from the receptionist to ask how Cranberry was doing after her surgery. The second call was from the doctor calling to tell me that all tests for feline leukemia had come back negative – which she said was very unusual.

My stomach just about jumped into my mouth. I immediately called Lynzie to tell her the news. She wasn’t at all surprised and quite happy to hear the news! I felt so many emotions in that moment – relief, happiness, amazement! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A couple of weeks later the doctor called back and said she wanted to do some more extensive bloodwork on Cranberry because it was so odd that the virus just disappeared. Well, she did the bloodwork, and sure enough, the results were negative again. The doctor said that, if Cranberry’s negative now, she should stay that way and have a long happy life!
I’m so grateful to have met Lynzie, especially through her amazing son. I don’t think it could have happened in a better way. Cranberry brought us all closer together, and I feel so blessed!

Here she is three years later: Alive and well.

Thank you, Lynzie!

Jazmine Milbridge Lafayette, CA

My cat, Sambudda, has recently turned 18-years-old. For the past 5 years, he has had polyps growing in his left ear canal, causing him a lot of pain and discomfort. He has been given several doses of antibiotics and has had 2 laser surgeries for removal of the polyps, but they continued to grow back – the veterinarians have not been able to take care of it.

The most recent option they gave me was to remove his whole ear canal, and the cost of this was over $6,000. I decided not to go with this option and to try alternative healing with Lynzie.

Lynzie worked on my cat remotely over several sessions, and his ear has been continually getting better and better. The daily oozing of pus and blood has stopped. He seems to have more energy than before; he’s even eating more than he had been in the last several months.

I would highly recommend Lynzie if your pet is suffering from an ear infection or from any other ailment.

Thank you so much, Lynzie

Shara Michetti, San Diego, CA

Lynzie helped my cat, who was unwell. He had been peeing and pooping outside the litter box and had not seemed to be himself for a few days. He was also eating plastic, and, eventually, this prevented him from being able to use the litter box at all.

Lynzie identified infections in his kidneys and parasites in his intestines. Her advanced healing techniques uncovered bits of plastic in his digestive organs. Her Angelic Healers were able to get rid of the plastic, heal the infections and support detoxification. My kitty is now back to normal!

I am so appreciative of Lynzie and her Angelic Healing Team!

- CL, Virginia