Discover how to build the bridge inward and reconnect with your inner home

 Building The Bridge Inward Through Meditation: A guide to Divine connection and direction - Book Image

Building The Bridge Inward Through Meditation: A guide to Divine connection and direction

This stepped program consists of:

  • An introduction and getting started guide
  • Eleven MP3 guided meditations (downloadable)
  • A journal to get you started

Sold  separately, these guided meditations can be easily downloaded onto your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Listen anywhere you are!

Choose from eleven different topics to facilitate and enhance your sense of connection with your spirit family.

Purchase price: $7.99 for soft cover | $3.99 for Kindle version

Relief or Bliss?

“How did I land here?” I kept asking the Angels. How is it that I was so lucky to be chosen to be here when I had been in one of my darkest moments just 24 hours before? I reveled in bliss, or what I thought was bliss, later realizing that what I was actually feeling...

A New Year’s resolution that could be lifechanging

How badly do you want things in your life to change and what are you willing to do to make this happen?   That very question may seem difficult and unimaginable to some but what it really means is taking full responsibility for your life – all of your decisions,...

Cultivating your intuition: Part 2

I learned about intuition through meditation quite by accident, how to further develop it and where it comes from. During my early practice of mediation was also the time I became aware that we all have an eternal soul, a part of us that never dies and that is...

Understanding Intuition: Part 1

Part 1: Is intuition really a thing? If you are reading this now, you were most likely drawn in by your intuition.  My question to you, my readers, is do you choose to tune in and follow these subtle nudgings, or do you ignore them? Just to be clear: We all have...

Riding the wings of change

At any one moment, change comes to our lives, usually unbidden. While we often think we don’t want things to change, wouldn’t it be a dull life if they didn’t? Maybe you have been slogging through a difficulty – a health or financial issue –for a long time. But...

Looking for Love in All the Right Places

Much of my life seems to have been centered around finding love (mostly from someone else) that would satisfy my deep internal craving for a sacred, honorable, and eternal love. I just knew this kind of love had to exist...somewhere. Where else would this longing come...

Beneath an umbrella of grace

Have you ever been walking along and suddenly, out of nowhere, the sidewalk has a pothole that has been obscured by water, and you see it just in time to step over it, avoiding a twisted or broken ankle? How about the times when you are driving through heavy traffic...

Humility, the road to Grace and more…

How often do we think we need to be recognized, to go first, to climb over, compete with and / or to be better than the people around us? Why do we feel we deserve preferential treatment over someone else? Let’s break this down a bit… If we could step outside and...

Gratitude, defined

  Picture the word “gratitude” in your mind’s eye. As you visualize this word, does it bring back a memory of a time when you may have felt gratitude? Perhaps you remember someone helping you complete a difficult project or someone bringing you soup when you were...

The Bridge Inward’s December 2020 Inside Story

What you are most afraid of sharing is the very thing that will set you free!     We all have secrets, things we may try to forget or stuff deeply into our beings. After all, if someone were to know about these things, what would they think of us? Some of...

Guided meditations

Do you crave a deeper connection with your Soul-Self, Mother Earth, the Divine? Check out my simple to follow meditation and visualization guide where you will discover the bridge that will connect you with your whole being!


Healing Calls

Lynzie offers two types of healing calls, Group and Private. The private calls are fee-based and designed to suit your individual healing needs.

Your Private Call involves you and Lynzie, together, addressing your unique healing process in person and / or by phone.

The Sunday Group Call is non-fee-based, involving a group of people calling in to a regularly scheduled session that helps participants tap into the Divine’s subconscious healing power.