Detachment is not that you should own nothing but that nothing owns you!



Imagine yourself in front of a large board that is about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide covered with electrical outlets. Now imagine that there are several cords coming out of you and plugging into these outlets. This circuit board feeds you the power you need to survive here on this earthly plane.

Here are some ways to think about these resources:

  • A three-pronged plug might represent income you receive from your job, your social security and or all the ways in which you bring in income every month.


  • You might think of another plug as related to your car, your car’s maintenance, gas and insurance.


  • You may have yet another electrical connection representing the mortgage on your home or rent on an apartment.


  • Medical insurance is a big concern for everyone whether people pay for it out of their own pockets or an employer kicks in all or a portion of it.

All of these resources that relate to finances are interdependent – losing one often results in a domino effect that causes one or more of the others to diminish or even disappear. The key to understanding all of this is in that word “interdependent”.

Just as the components of our financial lives depend on each other for survival, so do our relationships with other people support and strengthen us individually and collectively.

Relationships are the very foundation of life. We relate on a regular basis to ourselves, our spouse or significant other, our family, friends, co-workers, God, nature, fortune, fame, poverty, beauty, recognition, status, health, perspective, education, religion, prosperity and adversity.

No matter our financial circumstances or status, we have all lived through or are currently going through some serious hard knocks and suffering. And the more adversity we face, the more powerless, victimized and fearful of change we can become. The more we tend to plug into things that don’t serve our higher purpose, the more power we hand over, leaving us unable to move out of the ruts of life.

So, how do we cross the bridge of despair to a strong sense of purpose and equanimity within, despite what is happening around us? How can we withstand the hard knocks of life on earth and thrive instead of just barely surviving?

My blog article this month, “The importance of a strong physical and spiritual foundation”, speaks of the importance of creating and cultivating a strong and steadfast spiritual connection to Mother Earth and the Divine so that we can operate from a strong sense of personal power and Divine guidance, always steering us in the direction of our highest good! Click here to read July’s blog. 

I certainly don’t have all the answers but in sharing my own struggles, I pray you, my readers, will reach out for support when you are in a rut. I encourage you to ask for help in building your own new and structurally sound foundation, which will allow you to experience both a strong sense of self and interconnection with others.



Good Reads

This section is for book recommendations you would like to share that pertain to spirituality, spiritual growth, healing, angels…anything that speaks to feeding the soul. 

If you have read a good book you think may be of interest, please send me an email message to, and I may include it in some future month’s newsletter. 

This month’s recommendation is Out on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine and is from Gillian Summers:

It was thirty years ago when Shirley MacLaine’s book, Out on a Limb, fell off the shelf in a used bookstore and literally hit me on the head. I had just arrived in Sydney, Australia, after having back-packed my way across Asia, from England. I was twenty-nine and eager to start a new life free from the constraints I had felt growing up Irish Catholic, in Liverpool, England. I was a self-confirmed atheist.

However, reading Out on A Limb changed all that! By guiding me through the maze of world religions, the book helped me understand that there may be many religions, but ultimately, they are all guiding us to the same God. That God, I came to believe, is a kind benevolent God-force who does not sit on a big throne up in the sky – and is not white, male or bearded nor waiting to pass judgment on us.

I recommend this book as a crash course in comparative religions and as a way to gain deep insight into what it feels like to question everything you were ever taught about yourself and God.

Out on a Limb is one woman’s journey, yet it speaks to all women through its deeply personal account of Shirley MacLaine’s spiritual awakening, with its many twists and turns. Re-reading this book I was struck by how many things it introduced me to thirty years ago. Many of them, such as yoga, meditation, and the concept of mind-body-spirit, are now mainstream. Shirley MacLaine really was a woman ahead of her time, and she really did go “out on a limb” to share her journey with a mostly cynical public. I am sure glad she did. Click this link for more information on this book.


Hari Om, ♥ Call on the Light Within

Hari Om is a Sanskrit mantra thought to erase all suffering and allow an individual speaking it out loud to reconnect with universal consciousness. Hari means “the remover” and refers to the one who removes troubles, blockages, and pain. click here to listen..

In closing

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‘Til next time…

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul!

By Moshe Dayan