Animals are powerful conduits of unconditional love. Everything they are – their behaviors, how they interact with other animals and people – is in relationship with what they are sensing. Their ability to smell and perceive energies around them is their most prominent characteristic and is between 70 to 80 percent stronger than the average human’s.

Matter is what makes up the earth and all matter has a frequency – meaning each piece of matter emits a different tone or vibration. Think of music and the ranges of tones from high to low or the humming of a machine. Emotions – such as pain, irritation, fear, excitement – all emit their own frequencies as well. This is how I identify with what is going on in a pet’s matter or the animal’s physical and spiritual body.

Several years ago, I began to work with frequency healing, and through this new way of sensing, I started to pay closer attention to my own two cats’ specific behaviors and what they were trying to show me through their actions.

After my spiritual awakening in 2013, I became more attuned to animals’ frequencies. If I saw an animal being abused or mistreated, I felt a deep pain in my heart that would make me cry. This was something I had never experienced before. It wasn’t that I hadn’t cared for or about animals, but something had profoundly changed in me. I started to feel a deep connection, a familiarity, with the animal kingdom, and it made me curious.

Now, this doesn’t mean I want to live on a big farm and have a bunch of animals to care for. What I am saying is that I respect and honor them and the humans they gravitate to.

In 2015, I was in the middle of a move and had to leave my cats at a friend’s house for several weeks until I found a permanent residence. When I was finally able to pick the cats up and take them to their new home, my Whisper was not her usual affectionate self. She was hissing at me, bristling her fur, and hiding under the bed. Even the way she looked (especially her eyes) was different. I later discovered that my friend had someone come to do some work in her home. She told me that this man had her feeling uncomfortable, and that she was in a consistent state of alarm until he left.

I tuned into my cat, Whisper, and I felt a presence within her energy fields that did not belong to her. I knew that my cat, like a little catcher, had picked up whatever energy this handyman had dropped off.

I made the appropriate directed prayer requests to have this energy removed and sent back to God’s light. Soon, Whisper was back to her normal and loving self.

I had always been on alert with both of my cats’ behaviors because my previous cat of 18 years had died of kidney failure from diabetes, and I didn’t want these cats to end up the same way. After the incident with Whisper, I noticed my other cat, Rumor, acting strangely. She was howling and rubbing herself on the carpet and running to her box, only to pee a few droplets on the floor, outside her litter box. I knew she must have had an infection in her little bladder and made the appropriate directed prayer requests, and her symptoms cleared…but returned again the next day. Hmmm?!

I sat on my couch and was guided to tune into my own kidneys, feeling into them and suddenly seeing the word FEAR flash in my mind! I jumped because it was spot on and described exactly the state I had been in for several months. The life I had known for 30 years had been blown to bits, and I was heading for divorce. I had just moved out of state and was now trying to find my way. Fear was a huge factor in my life, so I wasn’t surprised – except for the location of the fear. Why was it showing up in my kidneys? From here, I began to understand that, in animals and humans, negative energy translates to physical ailment.

I made more directed prayer requests, this time to clear my own kidneys and bladder – and all of my energy fields. After this, I rechecked Rumor for an infection and was amazed…it was gone, and with that, her symptoms resolved. This was a miracle!

These experiences helped me understand the role animals play in our lives. They are here for us, to support and love us, and they try to take care of us. Many pets (not all) manifest their care for us by taking on our dis-eases, physical and emotional.

Since that time, I have worked on many cats and dogs and have found, on many occasions, a direct correlation between what is going on with the animal and what is going on with the pet owner. The pet’s ailment often functions as something like an “indicator light” for what may be going on with the pet owner or someone in the household the pet is closest to.

My work with animals (and with people) is unique and experiential (that is, “felt” on a case-by-case basis). We all have different needs and physiologies. I love researching and finding new remedies to tailor to each animal I work with. Over time, I have accumulated a number of approaches I use in my work. My intuitive process not only helps me help animal owners, it also helps them learn more about their pets. Their symptoms can reveal to me the relationship the pet owner has with the animal. I can explore how the human conducts him or herself, how the person handles stress, and how energy is expressed in the home.

A couple years ago, I worked on a dog who had had her eyes removed because she had glaucoma; her owner has advanced glaucoma. When I would make requests for this little dog, she could see the Angels come to help her, and I found it beautiful to know that she could see what we humans couldn’t, despite her missing eyes.

She eventually had to be put down for a number of reasons. But on the evening she passed, I connected with her little soul to see what was happening. I could tell she was at peace not to be in her pained body anymore, and it felt to me as though she were doing somersaults in the air.

She wasn’t talking to me the way humans might have a conversation, but I could feel her relief and joy at being able to leave her broken body and to join God and the Angels once again. Before the little canine disconnected, she said to me, “Oh, you’re pretty!” I knew then that this experience was real; I was not making this up! She had not been able to see me in the physical realm, but she could “see” me from her place in the spiritual realm. This experience confirmed to me that I was on the right track.

Now, I know this is a lot to take in. I’m guessing many of you have noticed the interrelationship you have with your pets and would like to know more about this work I do. Here’s a snippet of a testimonial from someone I was able to help in the recent past:

“My kitten Cranberry was found abandoned at the Lafayette, California, reservoir. At just 6 weeks old, she was very skinny and had severe stomach problems due to her lack of nutrition. After a couple of vet visits and some blood tests, it was discovered that she had the FeLV virus, or Feline Leukemia, and would mostly likely not have a very long life…

… Lynzie asked me to have the vet do the blood tests again and was sure it would come back negative. This is when it really began to sink in for me that Lynzie is the real deal…”

If you would like to read more of Cranberry’s story, please visit the Animal Healing page of my website. In the meantime, I hope that this article helps you and your pet become closer.