I know Valentine’s day has passed, but the topic of love can never be shared enough.

I wrote this piece about love a few years ago and what I felt about it back then. I’m sure anyone reading this now can relate, so I hope you will read on…

For many years I searched to find a way to be the essence of love, a part of me I thought was missing. I could see others expressing their love, and yet, my ability to express it, to be it, and to receive it, eluded me. I thought a few times I had found love, but my deep craving for a nurturing, compassionate, and unconditional love remained unsatisfied.

I sense many of us are seeking to find that love through another person – love that never turns away or deserts us, no matter the difficulty we might be facing, no matter how messy our lives may look or what kind of trouble we may be in. And when love through another person doesn’t manifest, does this mean that we are unworthy of it? Does that then mean that we cannot manifest this kind of love to ourselves? And is this belief in our unworthiness untrue? I say “Yes!”

Where does this craving come from and how can it be satisfied? I suspect we forget, as we leave the innocence of childhood, what pure unconditional love feels like…or maybe we never experienced it. And as we grow up, the outside world reflects another version of love, one that comes with attachments, strings, conditions, false hopes, empty words, and manipulation.

As my awareness expands, I now know that the love that I have craved for so long is within each one of us. We have all been formed in love by our Creator. And that love can never be taken from us. It is like a precious gem, a timeless gift that has been placed in our hearts from the moment of our spawning. We are that love!

It is our soul’s journey to re-connect with this love within and allow ourselves to “BE” this love – without containers, without limitations, and without conditions.

I invite you to travel within and connect with that eternal and pure love within your heart and allow it to grow and become “you”.