What’s called a difficult decision is a difficult decision because, either way you go, there are penalties.

-Elia Kazan

If you had a crystal ball, would you use it to find answers to all your questions, or would you allow the mysteries of life to unfold as they are meant to?

We are conditioned to “need to know” our every move, even far into the future. And, if we don’t have a plan, it makes us uncomfortable. Even the people around us can become uncomfortable, and so we have people who help us create a plan and stick with the plan, no matter what.


…what if the plan you so diligently put into place stops being of benefit to you or stops working for you altogether? Circumstances change, we change, and we don’t always have the foresight into or control over those changes.

We don’t have a crystal ball to tell us what the future holds and how best to prepare. But doesn’t it really all boil down to trust? We must learn to trust the Universe to show up and support us and guide us to where we are meant to be, at the time we are meant to be there, and not a moment sooner.

Now, this is a new concept for most of us.

Imagine holding onto a rope that is gently pulling you along through life, that guides you in a specific direction or into situations where you are meant to be. Do you hold onto this rope with a soft grip and trust, or do you squeeze it tightly as though your life depended on it? It’s okay to hold on, but with a soft grip, cognizant of when things start to shift so that you can release your grip when the unexpected happens or your direction changes. We can get hurt when we don’t allow for course corrections. That rope can suddenly pull quickly through your hands and take off the skin or pull you to your knees, just as I experienced in real life and shared in my blog article, “You have a choice to let go or be dragged”. 

This rope I am speaking of represents the Divine guidance we are always receiving. Each situation in which we have a choice to grip softly or release and trust is an opportunity to practice a deepening of our faith and trust in what is coming next, without trying to force things or react to that ever-present need to know. It is through this trust that we can allow ourselves to be guided to the places where we will reap the most reward out of our earthly existence.

In order to begin to make this kind of shift in our thinking, we need to give up our previous beliefs about what constitutes “enough money”, or “the perfect job”, or “the best life”. When we can make this kind of shift, instead of feeling as though we are going off our perfect plan, we begin to follow what is in our heart instead of what is in our head. We are following the influence of the Divine and not that of our upbringing or even the influence of other people currently in our lives. Let go of the reins of your destiny enough to allow the Divine to steer you in the direction that is best for you.

Stare your fear down and move in the direction you know to be right for you. It’s only by doing this that you will begin to see that the fear was only a thought, that nothing dreadful will happen, and that, each time you do this, it will get easier and your trust will deepen.

My August blog article, “Better…or worse”,  is about recognizing the times in my life when I was being guided to do something without knowing what the plan was, but simply by following my intuition.

If I had followed someone else’s plan or direction, I would have missed out on the experiences that the Divine set in place that eventually led me to enlightenment.



Good Reads

This section is for books, short stories (could even be your own), articles or poems you would like to share that pertain to spiriutality, spiritual growth, evolution, healing, angels…anything that speaks of spiritual development. 

If you have something that you think may be of interest, please send it to me in an email message to Info@LynzieBailey.com, and I may include it in a future month’s newsletter. 

This book had sat on my bookshelf for many years until just a fe weeks ago. I was taking my car in for a recall and service and knew I would have to wait, so I grabbed it. I am not sure why I chose this one from my collection of several unread books. 

As I sat outside the repair shop at a table, I read the first couple of short stories that make up this book. I was awstruck because they all seemed to parallel what I have been writing about in my own blog articles/memoir chapters. 

When the mechanic was finished working on my car, he washed it, dried it, and brought it to me. The service technician who checked me in brought over the checklist of items that had been looked at. Everything on her list had been marked “Good”! Not one thing was out of place. It was a confrimation to me that the Angels were with me, watching over me and my car. It was a magical moment!

A short message from the authors: As with all true mysteries, the stories in Bridge between worlds yield no final answers to life’s larger questions. But they inspire hope and reawaken a sense of reverance, wonder and awe. They remind us of our innate potential and of a mysterious power that lives in each of us, as close as our heartbeat, or this present moment, or even our next breath. 

Learn more about this book by clicking here!



Dream Weaver

-Gary Wright

I don’t think I was cognizant of the meaning of the words to this song by Gary Wright when I first heard it.  What I liked most about it (back when I was 13) was the dreaminess of the synthesized music.

When I listen to the words now, I see them as fully aligned with my frame of mind back then. I sense that I heard them at an unconscious level.

I used to fantasize a lot about being taken away from the pain of my existence. I wanted to close my eyes and wake up someplace else…someplace that was light and easy, exactly how the song describes. Never did I realize that I would indeed travel through the starry skies and to an astral plane on my very own dream weaver train…

Listen here again or for the first time!



In Closing

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‘Til next time…


The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are.

-Goldie Hawn

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