No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.

– Charles Dickens


Sometimes the worst experiences we have can end up being the most rewarding in the end. Without being able to compare what we have now with what we really want, how do we know what is right for us? The contrast between those two things is what helps us decide. The process of maturing provides us with skill in discerning what the right career path or partner is for us. Lacking maturity and discernment early in life sometimes causes us to make decisions that we discover later on were not right for us. We see that that job or person we “chose” back then was not for us after all. As we grow and change, isn’t it the case that we discover a lot about ourselves that helps us make more informed choices?

Our social and environmental training conditions us to judge things as black or white. This “either-or” thinking can lead us to expect one thing and find, when we get there, entirely different circumstances than what we had been anticipating. That old expression “perception is reality” is not really true in the sense that our perceptions are always colored by previous experience. Psychologists call this “a preconceived notion”, and we are all subject to it. We all create a storyline in our heads of how we want things to be instead of entering into a situation with curiosity and an openness to explore. We are taught to fear this surrender to what is.

But surrendering to life is the most powerful way to be shown which way to turn, which topic to choose, and what action to take at any one time.  

Now, I am not saying surrendering is easy. If you have read any of my latest blog articles, you know that I have spent my whole life reacting out of fear – never trusting the flow of what life had in store for me. I fought against my path, and my ego took me for quite a ride. I thought that my life should have been easier because, when I looked around, so many people around me seemed to have it so much better. Why was that?

We are all here on this planet for different reasons, to have different experiences and different levels of awareness. The reason for our being here is to gain the strength and wisdom we need to take us to the next level…whatever that means. And that can’t happen unless we have some experiences that offer us challenges.

My October blog article, “Unexpected surprise”, is about being ushered into maturity at a very young age and taking on adult responsibilities when I was not yet even out of my teens. That time in my life was extremely difficult, and I would not want to repeat it, and, yet, here I am writing about how much it strengthened me, how much gratitude and humility I feel for where I am now because of what I went through back then.

Neither gratitude nor humility can be felt unless you can see the contrast between what you were then and who you are now. And I owe this realization to my relationship with the Divine. If you feel stuck, not knowing how to move forward and craving clarity, I invite you to read on and then let’s connect!


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I was intrigued by my dear friend’s poem and identified so much with the title. It takes bravery to express our true feelings, to ponder and explore life without holding back or trying to fit into a mold and to express freely what comes through us naturally.


Life is for the brave

– Maria Miller

Phenomenal structures of gems, open the windows, allow the light through

Hallways, long and narrow, use these to walk upon to reflect and ponder

Look within, see your own stars, choose one to sit on and enjoy the view

You are malleable, be what you want, be who you want, change every second, if you want

Ride every ride, life is for the brave.

Maria is also an artist, having started as an abstract painter in the mid-nineties when she realized that her exploration using paints and brushes had run its course. Shortly after that, she discovered digital photography, and since then, this has been her inspiration and curiosity, fueling an endless stream of discovery.

You may visit Maria’s online portfolio by clicking here.



I’ll stand by you!

Having support is what allows us to move through difficulties and to stay planted firmly on the earth when things in our lives seem to be blocking our ability to move through them.

For a good part of my life, I did not have the awareness that the support I needed at any one time in my life would show up. I was always expecting something different from what I was seeing in front of me. But as I look back now, I see the many Earth Angels and helpers who appeared at different times to aid me in my journey.

This song is a reminder that the Divine is always watching, supporting, and guiding us – even when we don’t realize it. You may listen by clicking here.

May you recognize all your Earth Angels!


In Closing

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‘Til next time…


Courage isn’t having the strength to go on –

it is going on when you don’t have strength.

-Napoléon Bonaparte



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