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December 2018


Season’s greetings, All,

This holiday season I would like nothing more than to gift you my support, my strength and my process so that you can create more peace, joy and love in your life. Being able to share my experiences with all of you brings me great delight and fills my heart to overflowing with joy and bliss.

My biggest hope is that this information will guide you in reconnecting and / or strengthening your connection with your soul-self and your Divine Creator – the all-present, all-knowing, all-powerful being whose essence and light is within you and everyone around you.

There is nothing more positively potent than the presence of Angels. And the way to receive their presence is through quiet contemplation and / or meditation. When you sit quietly as an open receptacle, you are saying “yes” to these omnipotent beings’ loving presence and guidance. Your openness allows them to stream messages into your consciousness and lets them come to you in your dreams and in nature. They are there to aid you in this life, and they are ever present with you. You just need to tune in.  

This is exactly how my recently published book, Discovering Your Higher Self through Meditation and Visualization: A Beginner’s Guidecame to be – through meditation. I was asked to create this guide, and now four years later it is in book form and can be ordered from Amazon. This would make a very special and timeless holiday gift. You may order your book by clicking on this link.

This experience of being instructed to write this guide would have never occurred to me. I wasn’t a writer, and I certainly was not much of a spiritual aspirant at the time, yet it came to me very clearly.

I share this experience because I know it is possible for anyone to have her or his own personal connection with Angels and Guides and to receive guidance and help that is perfect for that person. I also know it to be possible to receive a loving presence that will take you to your knees and make you weep from the realization of the Divine help and support that is always available to you.

I want you to experience this same Divine benevolence I have experienced and continue to feel daily. Just knowing I am making a small contribution to peace on Earth through this work gives me joy. And that joy is compounded because I know that you, too, can have your own unique impact on the world. That makes my heart sing and brings me great contentment.

May you experience peace and joy “pressed down, shaken together and overflowing” this season and in the New Year.

You may read my latest blog article, “The Gift”, by clicking the link.

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During this holiday season, I am offering you an idea for a gift for that someone special in your life. My meditation and visualization guide is the perfect template to help the newbie begin.

I have placed all 11 guided meditations from my meditation guide on my website for sale as a single purchase. You may choose to buy the meditations separately, or you may purchase the book and get all eleven included, your choice.

From December 15th through January 15th, I am offering a 20% discount on all single guided meditation recordings. When you are checking out, use the all-caps discount code, BLISSEDOUT.

Click this link to take you to a page that provides short descriptions for each of the meditations, as well as a short snippet of each that you can listen to. I hope these will help you make your choice. 

“How to Find Freedom from the Inside Out” is a guided meditation that will allow you to begin your meditation journey now. This meditation download is FREE and will give you a small taste of my meditation style. Listen, and if it feels right, you may want to purchase the other guided meditations.  

Thank you for sharing in this remarkable journey with me. I hope this month’s newsletter benefited you and that you will continue reading future newsletters.

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I wish you all many blessings of PEACE & HARMONY through the holiday’s and into 2019!