What is the function of your subconscious mind?

Your subconscious mind’s function is to store and retrieve information and messages that are received by the brain in every waking hour. Messages from parents, grandparents, relatives, significant others, friends, teachers, coaches, our social environment, our home environment, books, TV, radio, strangers…everything we can hear, see, touch and sense is fair game for our subconscious mind to record.

Traumatic events such as intense fear, financial loss, the loss of loved ones, accidents, abuse of any kind are also things the subconscious takes in – recording our emotional responses as energy that stores in the body – usually in its weakest areas and / or  manifested as an illness or disease later in life.

All of this is ultimately for our soul’s higher learning.


From this programming, we act and /or react in either a negative way or a positive way. This is consistent with how we feel about ourselves, our vibration of attraction or what we are attracting to ourselves and our level of self-esteem and self-confidence.

The things that happen in our lives, then, are not random events after all. These developments are deliberately designed to enhance the evolution of our soul, and they also enable us to comprehend and develop compassion at an experiential level – to feel the suffering all of us on the earth have in common. Some souls “suffer with” (the literal, original meaning of the word “compassion”) more than others, depending on the life path they have chosen and / or their karmic lessons.

Over a 50-year span, I experienced countless battles that shaped and molded me into a very fearful, anxious person who felt undeserving. I developed into a manipulative, passive- aggressive, angry, depressed and discontented human being. Over the past four years, I have had many of these beliefs and constructs lifted from me, and my body and soul have been cleansed of the darkness that used to dim my heart, my light and my connection to God.

I am certainly no scientist or brain expert, and I am not a therapist. I can only share my own revelations of this knowledge and my own experiences of becoming more “En-Lightened” (made lighter) by working with a Master Spiritual Teacher, John Douglas, and his spiritual companions, Master Angelic Beings that accompany him, working through him to heal illness and develop the consciousness of all beings.

By attending regular workshops and teleconferences and by using, daily, the Angelic Reformation tools that Master John has created, I have been reformed into a more loving, kind, compassionate, sensitive, discerning, stronger, more capable and much less reactive individual than I ever was before I met John. I am not the same person I was four years ago because of this.

This is what “Subconscious Repair” and all of Master John’s other Angelic Reformation tools have done for me, and I have no doubt they can do this for you! All you must do is plug in and listen. All the work is done for you. It’s that simple.

I know there are many modalities, gurus, teachers, and spiritual healers out there, wanting to help and to bring you more peace. I, like many of you, tried many things, but nothing has brought me the peace and balance I feel now that I use the Angelic Reformation tools  Master John has created for us.

“Subconscious Repair” will reform your subconscious mind in such a way that the negative programming is removed and a new positive program inserted in its place. These processes are not performed by any human but, rather, by the Angelic Beings that guide our entire existence. These Angels carry out no less than God’s creative work.

This has been my journey back to my home – back to my heart – and back to my creator.

I pray you will join me!

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