How connected are you to the Divine above and Mother Earth below?

Over the past several years I have noticed a good number of people, myself included, who have shared their disenchantment about being on this planet – as if we had been dragged here without our consent or under duress. What is it about the daily struggles of life – health, relationships, finances – that can seem so difficult to balance for many of us?

It can be troublesome to wrap one’s head around the cruelty and violence that some people can turn toward others. Have you ever observed how some people seem to thrive on drama and enjoy pulling others into their self-created theatre productions? Why is it that some people seem to “have it all together” while others really struggle with life? I think I might have a partial answer for that.

What I have come to know through experience is that our struggles have to do with Karma – the Universal Law of cause and effect. The things we perpetrated in our past incarnations have stacked up. We all have Karmic debts to pay, and we pay them through our struggles in the present.

Through our soul’s incarnations we have collected quite a pile of “unpaid” Karmic debts, and many of us have no way to pay them except through our suffering. For a few people that may be the reason behind their self-directed drama – it is their way of suffering to pay for past sins. Unfortunately, this artificial method of atonement usually creates more bad Karma for which they will have to pay later.

Some of us are aware of this phenomenon, and some are not yet awake to it or are only partially conscious of it. There is no escaping it; we are all under this law’s influence. This fact right here can make many of us doubt that there is a God or, if there is one, he/she does not care about us. We might even believe that God selects only certain people to receive healing, blessings and gifts.

I have spoken of the chakras in previous blog articles – how they function and what happens if they are out of balance. The root chakra is the seat from which we can get up and move out into the world with confidence. This foundation reflects its strength or weakness through our sense of safety and security because it relates to belonging, home and finances.

The root chakra anchors us to Mother Earth and gives us the ability to manifest what we want in life. If we have come into this life with Karmic issues related to survival, money and home, our relationship to these things can be problematic.

We cannot grow and change unless we feel safe and secure to do so. And we cannot feel safe and secure if our inner home’s foundation is energetically out of balance.

The body parts and organs associated with the root chakra include the pelvic floor, hips, legs, lower back, intestines and sexual organs. If you have digestive issues, they could be due to a blocked or malfunctioning root chakra. The intestines are how we assimilate, absorb and eliminate. These processes don’t happen easily when you are blocked. Issues with your back can be a sign that you don’t feel supported, that you have no “back-up”. Hip and leg issues might represent difficulty moving forward, feeling stagnant.

I think you get the picture.

If you have felt lost and abandoned most or all of your life – you don’t feel you fit in or belong – there is most likely a Karmic lesson you need to learn…


…I am here to share with you that there is hope, that there is a way to change your circumstances, a way to rebuild your foundation to be more resilient while also exhibiting a kind of spiritual “tensile” strength. I have spent the last few years clearing out my root chakra and creating a new spiritual foundation. I have never felt more confident, more capable or more resilient in my entire life. It took work, but if I can do it, anyone can.

You can become stronger in your sense of self and able to increase the positive Karma in your life while shedding the negative. There are spiritual tools that can help you with restoring balance even as you attempt to relate to others in a kinder, gentler fashion.

What are these spiritual tools? A meditation practice can help you clear your spiritual palate of the negativity that makes it nearly impossible for you to relate to the other people in your life in a way that does not drag them into your suffering but, instead, uplifts you and them. I offer a meditation guide that you might want to purchase that works well for beginners and those who have already begun meditating.

Another type of heart healing many (including myself) have found helpful comes in my Sunday Group Calls. During the call, you will be experiencing Angelic healing while listening to a series of auditory spiritual tools. You can sign up to receive email messages to join the next call or simply go to the Calendar page on my website to drop in on a call. There is tremendous benefit in tapping into the collective experience shared with others, many of whom you don’t even know but who are, in a sense, collaborating with you for your good and that of humankind.

You might also like to set up one-to-one live in-person or remote sessions with me uniquely designed to help you work through your individual healing.

We all deserve to live in harmony with what makes us thrive, what makes us alive…


…what I do know – not believe, but know – is that we as souls come to this place with a mission to expand, to grow and to learn lessons that move us from where we have been to a higher level – to evolve into a higher being! And this takes perseverance, endurance, faith…this takes work! If it were handed to us, if it were easy, how would we be able to evolve? Facing life’s challenges with a combination of strength and resilience helps us rebuild our foundation. In the grand scheme of our lives, we and others are the better for it.

I invite you to become a part of my community. Join the conversation and share your comments through my contact page as it relates to the ideas in “our” blog and monthly newsletters.