Sometimes, we find ourselves moving toward a difficult situation; we can see it coming and we know it’s going to be difficult. Other times, we are in the middle of a mess or maybe at a “throw my hands up point”. Wherever this point is in a crisis, we experience it at the crossroads of “I don’t know what to do now!” and “How did I get here?” When we are at this juncture, most of us do one or more of the following:

  • Shut down
  • Get angry and become reactive
  • Give into fear and cry
  • Hide or run
  • Do nothing at all

Challenges are the universe’s way of getting our attention – an offering up of a new opportunity to try a different approach to something we may have handled badly or not at all in the past. Surrender is about confronting a situation without reacting, and, instead, relinquishing our control (and, after all, we really don’t have control anyway), and disconnecting from the outcome.

Sounds pretty impossible, right?

Our time here on earth has opened us all to acquiring a plethora of negative programming – recorded into the subconscious – moving us further away from the Divine and closer to God-like human replicas. (History is filled with failed examples of people who rose to power on “I’m God” platforms over groups of people looking for Divine guidance.) When we are Divinely connected, we are guided to answers, situations and people who honor our truest path to the greatest good.

So many of us have been steered away from the Divine inheritance and connection we all have through the crown chakra (the brilliant white chakra at the top of our heads), which is how we receive an outpouring of energetic love from our Divine Mother and Father. It is through the pineal gland, also known as the third eye, that our intuition, our guidance, comes to us. This gland, an integral part of our physiology, is actually our direct connection to the Divine.

We are all Divine Beings having a human experience. To refresh your memory about this idea, you might want to reread my February blog article, “‘BE’ the light and love that you are”.

I didn’t understand that I was always connected to the Divine until just a few years ago. Having been raised Mormon, I was forced to surrender to my parents’ will and that of the church leaders. Even though I have not been part of the Mormon church for more than forty years, it has taken me a lot longer than that to come out of the fog of my childhood programming and to see my own truth and not live someone else’s.

That has been my journey!

We all have free will, meaning that we all have the right to choose to do good or evil, both having positive and negative Karmic consequences – from our past and into the present, as well as into our future. This is the most important reason much of the world suffers so greatly. Our suffering comes from choices we made in previous lives that must be reconciled in this one, OR the lessons will be taken to the next.

Thus…the universe’s knock on the head to get your attention.

Our wanting to be in control of any given outcome and our fear of not knowing what that outcome will be is what our struggles are about. Like a tug-of-war, our ego-self, the part of us that wants to dominate, is programmed to control, thinks it can control. And it can, in some instances, but there is a price to pay.

Imagine us all on earth as living in a maze of shrubs that are ten feet tall, making it impossible to see over their tops. We may be able to catch a glimpse of “something” through the branches and leaves, but we are mostly blind to the bigger picture. We can conjure up a story in our heads about what things might look like or how they might turn out, but that is all it is – a story we make up to delude ourselves into thinking we are in control.

It is so much easier to let go and allow the Divine forces that actually do govern our reality to show us, bless us and guide us to that which is in our best interest and in the best interest of all. When we cannot see the bigger picture, surrender to the Divine, which is above our level of seeing, is the most appropriate action to take.

An example of how surrender to the Divine has been personally rewarding is the place where I’ve been living for the last nine months. I could never have imagined its beauty or how it fits me to a tee had I been working under the delusion of control. Until I remembered to live fully in the belief that the Divine is completely in charge of me and my life, I was envisioning myself living in my car.

Closing the gap between us and our Divine Creator is practicing deep Faith in what may seem impossible. When we make choices from our ego-self instead of surrendering our problems to God, we turn away from the support that can transform what seems like a hopeless situation into a miracle.

Challenges will certainly continue to come. Having the proper tools and continuing to develop our faith helps close the gap between us and our creator and allows us to live a truly blessed life.

A blog article I wrote a few years ago (“The process of surrender”) talks about what surrender might look like, including real-life examples.

The next time you are at the crossroads of “What do I do next?”, I invite you to surrender to your fear – allow it to swallow you in its murky depths; let it be your guide, taking you where you need to go. Feel into what comes up, all of it. Turn your gaze onto all sides of it. Differentiate between what is real and what is ego, what is illusion and what is truth.

It’s okay to be afraid.

When you allow yourself to surrender, you are reinforcing your faith in what is possible. You are not falling into nothingness, but, rather, into the arms of God. The Divine is always there to lift you up.

Developing faith has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with developing your relationship to God…just you and the Divine…no one in between.

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