A couple of years ago I had a dream where I went back to the home I had lived in previously with my now ex-husband and my son. What I discovered were many things still in the kitchen cupboards that I wasn’t aware were there, or that I had thought had been left behind, not realizing the significance of these pieces.

As I discovered these things in the cupboards – bringing them out and examining them – my heart sang with joy and delight. I was excited to have found these “hidden treasures” I was sure I would never see or touch again.

What dawned on me as I came out of the dream was that these hidden treasures represented the gems of wisdom I had gained from my experiences. And not just from the immediate past, but all the experiences throughout my life – supposed “mistakes” I thought I had made in my relationships, financial matters, child-rearing, and communications – things I had said or done that may have caused harm.  Things I felt ashamed of.

Shame and humiliation are such awful energies to feel or to have directed at you, especially when most of the time, the majority of us feel regret immediately about whatever it was we did or said. Having someone pointing it out to you and casting the energy of shame over you doesn’t improve the situation in the least; it only sends a more powerful message to your subconscious mind to record and store.

How often did a parent, a relative, or teacher say to you, “shame on you”? The damage these three words can do can take years to reconcile, and, sometimes, the damage is never repaired. This energy can find its way into the depths of your being, creating pathways that set you up for disease and can play in the background of your mind like the operating system on your computer.

A quote I found seems quite fitting:

Strange, isn’t it?

You know yourself better than anyone else, yet you crumble at the words of someone who hasn’t even lived a second of your life.

Focus on your voice; it’s the only one that matters.  – Anonymous

Having these recorded messages and the energy behind them deleted from your body and mind will free you from reacting to disparaging statements, accusations and words from individuals who may not be aware of the damage they are inflicting on the one they are speaking to.


…these individuals can also be our greatest teachers because they can mirror back to us the things within our being that are calling out for our attention and are in need of healing.

I have a Sunday Group Healing Call that you may find helpful in eliminating these hurtful messages and beliefs from your subconscious mind. Many participants in the Sunday call have told me afterwards that they received help from the Master Angelic Beings, and, over time, they have found that they are experiencing the triggers of negative reactions less and less.

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Our creator knows there are no mistakes, that all is perfect in creation. When we are told that we have made a mistake (or, worse, that we are a mistake), and we know in our hearts that this is not true, we need courage and conviction to hold fast to that belief in the perfection of creation. When we truly believe this, we are released from the negativity of others and free to be a perfect manifestation of the creator.

Writing has an incredible way of bringing to light your memories and requiring you to lay them out on an imaginary table as if they were a giant puzzle. In order for you to write about your memories, you must think back and even experience these happenings again. Whether you felt the experiences were “good” or “bad”, submerging yourself in the emotions takes you back to the original events and helps you to process them in a way that can help you grow spiritually.

Journaling can have the same effect and can flush out patterns, behaviors and   old beliefs that keep you stuck, keep you struggling with self-esteem and worthiness. Seeing these “mistakes” expressed in chronological order can bring you to healing, to living in your truth. These past experiences are all crucial for your growth and helpful in gaining clarity about why it was all necessary!

As it turns out, my dream was an effective way for me to see and understand how my words and actions can cause damage to others as the weight of those words are deposited in their body and mind. Those words and actions were wrong, yes, but not mistakes – because they taught me lessons I needed to learn. In a sense, they were blessings and necessary for my spiritual growth.

We humans are not perfect, yet we judge and critique one another by this world’s standards governing what is favorable and acceptable behavior. We are souls returned to earth, eager for another chance to get right the lessons we didn’t get right before. The goal is not to repeat in them.

A quote:

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.”
― Earl Nightingale

The discovery of these hidden treasures of my past experiences has shifted my perspective. I have come to see these past actions and words, not as mistakes, but as blessings and even as nuggets of wisdom helping me to be a better me.

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