I have fallen on my knees as I face the raging sea;

the anchor holds me in spite of the storm.


How many of us have spent a good deal of our lives feeling ashamed of poor decision-making in our past, the kind that we feel, now, with the benefit of age and wisdom, led us to a point where we would not have been had we not made some bad choices?

As I have compared myself to those around me, in the past and, now, in the present, I have sometimes felt that I had missed a class or some sort of instruction or orientation that would have prepared me to navigate Earth. When I was young, I wanted so much to be, act and look like everyone else, but no matter how hard I tried, it wasn’t to be. And this was very confusing to me.

Was it an internal program that was running (like the operating system on a computer) inside the people around me that allowed them to live in ways so different from my own way?

Why was it that, despite my fear of stepping away from the pack, I was able, at some crucial junctures in my life, to take a step in a different direction, a tarry way, on which I discovered who I really was at the core of my being?

What made me feel I wouldn’t be accepted for my uniqueness? Looking back, I can see that I was taught to judge myself harshly – especially at times when I felt drawn to move away from the status quo. In addition, I lacked self-esteem, having little to no self-respect and honor for myself. This negative judgment of self then transferred to how I saw others.

I can see now how this programming taught me to turn away from my feelings, to numb myself and consider others’ needs before my own. It had, in turn, programmed me to ignore that we are Divine beings created by God’s love and well deserving of our own love for ourselves.

As I peer now, through a wider lens, at my past life, I see the programming, patterns and beliefs that Earth has been enveloped in for centuries and, that caught me, too, in their web at times. This programming has hit all of us at every angle all our lives through our social, environmental, familial, religious, academic, and other associations. When we are programmed, we are more easily controlled and manipulated.

Now I understand that there has never been a better time to reset our path forward. The entire globe is in a state of disorientation because the canvas that represents our future is blank. We cannot go back to what was. We can, however, take this opportunity to create what we want our present and future lives to be as we begin to move forward into 2021.  

My November blog article, “My Anchor”, draws attention to times in my life when moving forward seemed impossible, and walls of darkness I perceived all around me seemed insurmountable. Yet, somehow, despite my insecurities and deep need to abandon everything and everyone I had known, I heeded the call that my young child needed me and that he didn’t deserve to be passed off, ignored, or neglected. I was his main caregiver, and I needed to tend to his needs. He has no idea that, by his very existence, he saved my life.

It may seem at times that we have lost our way, but this is only a temporary illusion. Divine light is pouring in and infusing Earth with a massive reset, and the opportunities for new beginnings are all around us. The Great Awakening is upon us. It’s time to let go of the belief that we have been in a cage we don’t have the key to unlock. The door has always been open, and this time is the perfect opportunity to step forward and create our future.



– By Maria Miller



Are you feeling caged but don’t know how to change your circumstances? Perhaps, then, you will be drawn to this artwork by Maria Miller. Her image seems to capture the notion of a cage inside an even more expansive cage. As soon as the bird discovers a way out through the dropped-out floor of his cage, he finds that he is enveloped by an even larger enclosure.

How do we know where the true way out is for each of us? When we are born into circumstances that tell us we ought not trust our intuition, when we are taught that our natural instincts are the voice of evil? We learn by exercising our new-found muscle of discernment.

It’s true what they say: How can we know what we don’t know…unless we learn to fly up and up to a new way guided by the Divine.



Maria is an artist, having started as an abstract painter in the mid-nineties when she realized that her exploration using paints and brushes had run its course. Shortly after that, she discovered digital photography, and since then, this has been her inspiration and curiosity, fueling an endless stream of discovery.

You may visit Maria’s online portfolio by clicking here.




By Bryan El


As the light of the Divine pours onto planet Earth, a sense of chaos comes with it as the higher frequencies of light mix with the darkness that has had held humanity in a stronghold for so long. The light is purifying us, driving to the surface the things in our past we haven’t finished, haven’t felt through to completion.

The Divine is shaking us to awaken us from our slumber, shrouded in darkness no more.

Feed your senses with this artist’s synthesized music with classical influences. Awaken from your slumber and feel the vibration of the sound as it moves through you. Listen now by clicking here.



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Fear creates a form of spiritual amnesia.

– Max Lucado


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