I had a dream a while back in which I am putting on an intimate presentation to introduce my meditation program. The setting is a small bookstore. As people come in, I serve them soup. Butternut squash soup, one of my personal favorites.

The dream itself was very short and could have easily been dismissed as strange or insignificant. However, I immediately knew what the two things (soup and meditation) represented and how magically they had been fused together.

Dream interpretations are very personal and can really only be understood by the dreamer him or herself. Using a dream dictionary can be a vehicle to help you find your own interpretations; nonetheless, it’s best to keep in mind that only the dreamer can interpret the true meaning or meanings.

When attempting to understand your dreams, take into consideration your belief systems and your current state of mind. These things can be somewhat of a roadmap in sorting out the essence of the message. In addition, quiet contemplation and allowing the true meaning to surface on its own can be another avenue for understanding.

Instinctively, in my dream I knew food represented nutrition, not only for the body but the mind and spirit as well. In the context of meditation and nutrition, I sensed Spirit was demonstrating to me that, in addition to food, meditation is also relevant to our spiritual nourishment.

A description of food and / or eating food, taken from a dream dictionary, means ingesting nutrition, which in turn, is for the body as well as for the mind and soul. If you have ever waited too long to eat, you understand how this not only affects your physiology but also your mental faculties as well. Dreaming of soup demonstrates emotional hunger and the need for nourishment. Squash symbolizes fertility and abundance.

All of these things together weave nicely with meditation because meditation feeds the body, mind and soul, on a spiritual level. We can go without food and water for a time but will eventually die. The same goes for spiritual connection. We can go without it, but in the process, our spirit, the essence of who we are, starves – cutting us off from our full potential, feelings of joy and passion, and preventing us from seeing why we’re here, our mission in this lifetime.


The dream’s illustration of this metaphor was ingenious and was another demonstration to me of how Spirit works when we are open. When we open our minds and our hearts to receive, Spirit can work through us to bring blessings that can be shared with those who are hungry for their nourishment.

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