Can you count how many times you have said no to ideas that seem out of your reach or well beyond your capabilities, even if they came to you?

Have you said no to relationships because they seem irreconcilable, thinking they should look or be a certain way, not realizing you aren’t seeing past your ego’s nose?

How often have you allowed relationships to dissolve because you were far too afraid to cross your own boundaries –  or were they barriers? Barriers created by you to soften your unwillingness to see that you may be a part of the problem.

Perhaps you have continued a relationship that drains you of your precious energy, leaving you feeling angry, bitter, yet too afraid of facing the consequences of discontinuing the relationship or leaving altogether?

There is another side, another party involved.

It’s hard to believe that we get so attached to our mental parameters that we can’t go past them to make peace with our loved ones. Can you see how continuing to complain about those very relationships, wishing they could be different, is not at all the way to fill your needs and expectations. This serves only to put the responsibility of reconciliation on someone else’s shoulders.

Do you really want to play a victim role?

Is the phrase “I’ll try” a common theme in your answers to yourself or to others?

Try is not a confirmation you will do something. Some might say it’s a polite way of letting yourself out of committing – of taking responsibility for your feelings, your life and your future happiness or your lack thereof.

So many of us have been taught to “hang tough”. That in order to be stronger, we have to work harder, suffer a little (or a lot). To figure things out alone, even if they are things we have never done before.

Integrity has been skimmed over and covered with a crust of self-criticism, judgment and unworthiness. Our precious time here on the earth is often spent watching and mimicking others we feel are better looking, richer, more powerful, or who seem to be more fortunate.

Shamelessly, I admit to feeling and doing all the things mentioned above. I know the victims and self-loathing characters well. You want everyone to side with you. To crawl into your hole with you, to substantiate what you are feeling. Wouldn’t it be better to feel power-FUL, not  power-LESS? To ask for help in climbing out instead of expecting others to join you.

How can we come from our hearts and be honest and forthcoming if it’s inconceivable to look within and to see and acknowledge our true beauty and worth?

I don’t think we are meant to feel alone!

I know there is a better way to face up to and remove the barriers that keep us separated from our true selves and from being truthful with others.

When I finally said yes to starting a meditation practice, I had no idea that it would end up leading me to my best Divine path.

My Divine path has led me to a very deep level of letting go, of facing my worst fears head on. So many of the things I felt were important ended up feeling like shackles coming off from my ankles.

I had to face some painful truths in my close relationships with family, friends, my now ex-husband, relationships I had tried to convince myself were supportive of my journey. I’ve had to learn to trust that what I am feeling deep inside me is the truth – my truth! A truth that was getting louder and could no longer be ignored.

I urge you to say YES to connecting inwardly through meditation. To allow yourself the time and space to hear the muted voice of your intuition. To learn how to allow the natural flow of the universal powers to flow through you like a river – no resistance and finding its way through all obstacles. Allow yourself to feel the  power that can lift and move you to places you never anticipated in your wildest dreams.

Say yes and surrender to a deeper faith and follow the un-seeable, for it is REALITY!

Value yourself enough to let go of the outside world’s persuasive ignorance. There comes a time when you must realize that you’ll never be good enough for some people. The question is, is that your problem or theirs?

I invite you to become a part of my community. Join the conversation and share your story as it relates to the ideas in “our” blog.