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January 2019

Greetings, All,

January is an opportune time to press the reset button on your to-do list, your goals, your wants and desires, the things you didn’t seem to get to in the previous year. So, what do you desire for yourself this year, and how can I support you in this goal at the very core of who you are?

What happens when we make a commitment to ourselves? We may take the first few steps forward and then…perhaps we falter in our resolve. Are we listening to the little voice inside us that says we can’t do it, can’t succeed, aren’t good enough, smart enough or bright enough?

What self-sabotaging thoughts seem to stop you in your tracks? Do these thoughts take you back to a shame-filled or pain-filled experience? Do you remember these thoughts as phrases repeatedly coming out of the mouths of people influential in your upbringing – your mother, father or other relative, coach or teacher? Are they just there, telling you that you can’t do something? Or, perhaps you don’t really know why you feel the way you do when you hear these now-familiar phrases in your head?

This month I am focusing on healing the subconscious mind of negative thoughts, beliefs and addictions. I am suggesting that you take a new approach to your New Year’s Resolutions!

And that perfect resolution would be to commit to listening to the recording of “Subconscious Repair” I offer once a week for the next 52 weeks. Journal the changes that happen to you as you listen in each week. But wait to read the journal until the end of those 52 weeks. You will be filled with life-changing surprise at how much you changed during those weeks – and all you had to do was listen to an 18-minute meditation once a week.

Read my newest blog article, Cleansing your past for a clearer future”, for a deeper understanding of this Angelic Reformation tool.

If you don’t have a copy of the CD of “Subconscious Repair”, you can listen to this spiritual tool on my Sunday Group Healing Call, every Sunday at 7:30 P.M. Pacific. Click here for my weekly call schedule.

You may also subscribe to receive the call email reminders by clicking here. All you must do is sign up; it’s a free good will gift to you in this, your New Year!

Sounds easy, and it is just that!




Private one-to-one calls in support of you and your soul’s evolution

Want to ramp up your resolution? Schedule a private session with me and, together, let’s drill down on the things that may be holding you back.

Awareness is the beginning step in making a change. As you become more aware of the things that anchor you to your past negative experiences, you and I together, along with the Master Angels’ Divine intervention and loving support, can assist you in letting this programming go so that the Angels can install a new, positive program at the core of your being and a new you can emerge – stronger and more capable than ever before.

For the next 60 days, I will discount my one-hour, one-to-one session by 20 percent. If you have never worked with me before, I will require one full hour for your first session. If you have worked with me before, you may split the time up into two 30-minute sessions.

To purchase a session, click here and use discount code “support” to receive the discount.  *Time purchased does not expire.*


A poignant story that describes the “behind the scenes” workings of the Angels in one person’s life

Not everyone believes in Angels, and this is understandable because of our environmental, religious and social conditioning.

Through my writing and creation of this newsletter and other publications, I can only share my own personal interaction with Angels and the many times I have experienced their loving and powerful intervention, guidance, support and healing on myself, my friends, family, pets and clients.


Divine intervention doesn’t usually appear the way we imagine it might.  Expanding your awareness and your consciousness through spiritual practices will allow you to develop your sense and understanding of this phenomenon.



Here is an example…

I found Lynzie’s website by a lovely arrangement. I knew there was a weekly “Subconscious Repair” call with the CMA community but couldn’t remember when it was held. I felt called to Google “Subconscious Repair” and Lynzie’s website came up.

I was so thrilled because that same week I had expressed my longing to the Master Healing Angels for it to be possible for me to experience more of the healing processes of Master John Douglas’s CDs and hear more of his teleseminars. I don’t have many of the CDs yet and wanted to experience them more frequently. So, I am fairly sure that the Master Angels helped me find Lynzie. The Angels are such gems!

I am so grateful that Lynzie offers these weekly group healing calls. Thank you so much. This experience means a lot to me.

P. Morello Melbourne, Australia

I, too, had been asking the Master Angels to send those who were seeking this work to my site. This is the power of intention!!

If you are seeking help in uncovering the real you, the soul you, this is an invitation to join my Sunday Group Healing Call. You can join in at any time and the call is FREE.

You may also subscribe to receive the weekly reminder email reminders here. (I promise: I will not spam you.) If the email messages are for you, you’ll know it! If not, I wish you the best in finding what brings joy to your heart and makes it skip a beat!


“How to Find Freedom from the Inside Out” is a guided meditation that will allow you to begin your meditation journey now. This meditation download is FREE and will give you a small taste of my meditation style. Listen, and if it feels right, you may want to purchase the other guided meditations. 



Thank you for sharing in this remarkable journey with me. I hope this month’s newsletter benefited you and that you will continue reading future newsletters.

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May you all receive many blessings to come, Lynzie Bailey