I think all of us have asked ourselves the question, “Why am I here?”, at some time in our life, possibly on more than one occasion. When I ruminate on this question, I am usually being challenged and in-the-dark about something going on in my life, or I am at a fork in the road.

Being in the midst of transition can bring up a sense of dread and cause us some serious tension. We may feel as though we are spinning in place and waiting for the bottom to drop out at any moment. Our not knowing where to go next is the test, the challenge, giving us the choice to move into action – even if we don’t have all the pieces – or to wait and surrender to the discomfort, trusting that the rest of the pieces will show up when they are meant to.

Next time this situation (opportunity) shows up, and you want so badly to make this unpleasantness go away, challenge yourself to sit with the discomfort and allow it to be. Go ahead: Feel all that comes up around it and don’t make it bad or try to push it away. Most importantly, don’t let anyone else talk you out of facing it either.

I find that, when I try to dominate the situation, I am trying to give others (and, perhaps, myself) the impression that I am taking an active role in the outcome. But, attempting to “lasso” the runaway horse is just another version of fear, and giving in to the illusion risks a more positive outcome than one that comes from acknowledging our own lack of control.

Our journeys are continuous, circular at times, bringing us back to unfinished business – another opportunity to square away and complete what hasn’t been cleaned up and cleared out.

A typical scenario of how you may be pulled off your path…

You have come to a crossroads and are faced with:

  • no idea where to go and what to do when you get there
  • do you go right?
  • do you go left?
  • do you keep going straight?
  • and what do you do when you get there?

What’s the first thing you do?

1) Throw in the towel and freak out, doubting your intuition and ability to move through this quagmire, or shut down completely and abandon and avoid the situation entirely?

2) Get angry and become a victim? Bury your head or take no responsibility for screwing up?

3) Ask someone or several someones for their advice?

That last one, number 3, may help and it may not. You may be questioned about things you never took into consideration – making you feel worse because YOU didn’t think of them. Maybe you thought you had it all worked out but, when you spoke to someone else about it, it all sounded ridiculous and now you feel you’ve made a HUGE mistake.

One thing I have found is that other people’s advice comes with their experiences, their perspective, their baggage – it’s not pure.

Why did this idea or situation come to us in the first place? Now what?

We are all vulnerable to outside influences – meaning outside of our higher selves. We all want to feel that we belong, that we are important, that we fit in, and so we may do or say things that compromise our dreams, our soul’s purpose – the very reason we are here.

When faced with your next transitional phase, the best thing to do first and foremost, is to tune in and get quiet and ask the Divine for advice. Your answers will always be for your highest learning and the best outcome for you and all concerned. No baggage, no expectations, no “I told you so”’s.

The journey is about embracing all that life throws at us, about being open to a constant state of learning – difficult or easy – about listening and following the quiet voice within, regardless of what others think or say. They aren’t you and will never walk in your shoes.


In our travels there will be much that will pull at us, nag at us, place doubt in our minds, cause us fear, and challenge us to our core. This just means the journey is not to be taken lightly, that it is important!

Is there an end to the travel, you may ask yourself, and will I ever reach my destination?

Life is a continuous journey that never ends, so just think about all the chances you have to get it right!

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