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March 2019

The change of seasons from winter to spring and the promise of new life is here. The long winter is almost over and new life is wriggling and squirming, waiting to burst into full bloom.

When I think of March, I see many shades of green. Green hills dotted with little yellow flowers, the trees showing off their new budding leaves, anxiously awaiting the warm sun to coax them to a full opening. I see blue sky, gray clouds, fluffy clouds and the feel of the sun warming my back, the wind blowing my hair all around my face.

Winter is a time of going within, of exploring your inner world through quiet contemplation, meditation and journaling. It is a time of cultivating new ideas, plans and adventures, of planting seeds for forward movement in the new year.

Back in March of 2015, when contemplating a name for my business, I had The Bridge Inward come to me. During this same time, I was practicing meditation daily and experiencing visions. During my sleep, messages were coming through, and I would have to get up to write them down. I journaled all of it.

Looking back now, I realize that I was building a bridge back home, back to the Divine and back to God. My whole life up to that point felt to me as though this bridge had never existed, that I had been dropped off on this planet to flounder. I know now that the bridge was always there, just invisible until I was ready to know of it again.

This is my lifeline, my saving grace, comfort and encouragement whenever I need it – at no cost to me and with no expectations on the part of the Divine. I may not always get the answers I want, but they are the answers that are full of truth and are always for the highest good for myself and my learning and the evolution of my soul.

We all have times in our lives when we need encouragement, comfort and guidance and we deserve to receive it from the purest source – no attachments, no expectations, no baggage!

My blog article this month, “One-continuous-journey”, talks of how to stay the course while being tempted to go off-course.

The next time you feel confused and don’t know which way to turn, instead of turning outward to someone, turn inward and upward to the source of all creation. Turn to the One who knows you best – all of your tendencies, vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

In the beginning, it may be hard to discern what is coming through, but as you continue this journey inward, the bridge will materialize, strong and true, ahead of you.


Good Reads

I have added an addition to my monthly newsletter offering. I have made space for myself and those who like to read to make recommendations on good books that pertain to spirituality, spiritual growth, healing, angels…anything along those lines. 

If you have read a book you think may be of interest, please send me an email message to Info@LynzieBailey.com and I will post your review here each month. 

I will start with my favorite and the most transformational book I have ever read, Journey of Souls, which was recommended to me by a friend several years ago, early in my spiritual awakening. I didn’t understand (or know enough to know if I believed) in reincarnation. This book opened up my world, completely changing my view of heaven, earth and our reason for being here.

I hope you find it to be as revolutionary as I did and if you like this one, the second one, Destiny of Souls, is even better!

Journey of Souls presents the afterlife in a tight, orderly progression of events. It addresses what it is like to die and cross over – who meets us, where we go, and what we do as souls in the spirit world before choosing our next body for reincarnation.” Click this link to read more.


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Awareness is the first step in making a change: Physical illnesses and disease have everything to do with your emotional state. Traumas from the past can leave you anchored to beliefs and negative emotions that store in the body, manifesting into an illness. When you are aware of these blockages, together with my Angel team, the energy blockages can be moved, improving your symptoms bringing you emotional and physical relief.

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In closing, an Irish Blessing for you!


If you have questions or comments on the content, please feel free to contact me. If there is something you want to see more of in the future, I am open to suggestions.

If you have something you would like to share in an upcoming month, send me an email message and let’s discuss it. I want this to be a place we can all share our journeys, including motivating and moving movies, books, poems, and quotes, as well as any personal story or experience.

Till next time…