I have written much on purifying the body, but what about the purity of our thoughts?

Your thoughts and emotional responses are continuously being recorded by your subconscious mind – all energy from the creation of the thoughts being stored just as data is stored on the hard drive of your computer. All these thoughts, emotions and patterns, positive, negative, happy, joyous, exhilarating, sad, distressing, and depressing are being locked away in the subconscious, and yet they still influence every action and reaction you have.

But what happens in your body as a result of all that stored data?

As you build your energy library of all that you think and feel, you set in motion a cascade of physiological and / or chemical responses in your body-mind that themselves create positive or negative energies. These, in turn, make their home in the most vulnerable places in your body. They also create patterning that can set you up for addictions and negative behaviors.

Negative thoughts and emotions are two of the most important energies we create because, as they are stored in the body, they generate more negativity and project that out into the world around us. This gives undue power to negativity and makes manifesting positivity more of a challenge.

Think about it: How many negative thoughts run through your mind as you sit in your car in a traffic jam, touching the gas and then the brake as you inch along a mile an hour? Or how about when your child is throwing a tantrum while you are shopping? Do you feel ashamed about something you said or did in that circumstance in the past? Do you then turn inward and berate yourself?

If your way of thinking pulls you down, it doesn’t matter if you eat the healthiest foods, take supplements, work out, practice yoga and drink the purest water. Your negative programming and thought patterns are setting you up for a potential major health crisis.

What thoughts are you creating, and how are they affecting the purity of your mind? Negative thoughts = emotions = energy = subconscious patterns = dis-ease.

You have many light fields that surround your physical body. The mental light field is the one you pull energy from when you create a thought. If the energy in this field is un-pure or dirty, it will be difficult to feel happiness or joy. You may “think” you feel joy, but do you really feel it?

How well do you manifest the things you desire?

Was there a time in your life when you ate junk food, did not get enough rest, experienced a lot of stress, drank excessively or experimented with drugs? These things all contribute to a darkening of your mental light field – the negative energy frequencies always being present in a disease process.

So how do you change this; how do you purify your mind?

Some of the things I have done over the past five years have changed me from confusion, depression, exhaustion, sadness and illness to a feeling of having been scrubbed clean from the inside out.

I know I have repeated myself from other articles I have written, but I feel this information is vital to being guided spiritually toward growth and the evolution of your soul. The purification of your mind cleans up the “highway” to your intuition. As a result, the whole pattern of the universe is bigger, better, stronger – because one part of that universe – YOU – is bigger, better, stronger.

I offer the following suggestions for purifying your mind:

#1. The first thing to do is begin a regular meditation practice. Connecting inwardly allows for a merging of your physical self with your soul self. This connection plugs you into a powerful force of Divine Energy that nurtures and feeds your spiritual and physical body. This spiritual tune-up feeds you with the purest love directly from your creator.

I could not live without this daily connection now that I am aware of its importance. The many blessings I continue to receive assist me in navigating my life, coinciding with Divine Impulse and the Universe.

#2. What you eat, drink and smoke, as well as the medication you take, has everything to do with the purity of your spiritual and physical body and influences the purity of your mind. Eliminating habits that cause you to feel weighed down by negative energy imprints is another crucial step in the purification process. I realize there are many constructed patterns and behaviors that feel out of your control.

My suggestion for eliminating these patterns is to listen to “Subconscious Repair” weekly, making it possible for you to eliminate them permanently! If you are not already signed up for my Sunday Group Call, you may read the details by clicking here. Each week I play “Subconscious Repair” during my group call, allowing you to experience the benefits of this powerful spiritual tool.

#3. Detoxing the body is a vital step in removing buildup that results from ingesting alcohol or drugs (recreational or prescription, including chemotherapy and anesthesia) and food that contains agricultural toxins, as well as exposure to heavy metals and other non-naturally-occurring chemicals in the environment. We swallow these poisons and / or they invade our bodies through our skin’s pores and hide in our tissues, organs, glands and nerves. I suggest using foot patches that you can place on the bottoms of your feet, taped in place and left overnight. Over time, they will remove many of these poisons from your body – leaving you with cleaner and higher functioning organs, glands and nerves.

You may order the foot patches from Amazon.com  or Masterangels.org

#4. You can benefit from spiritual guidance from someone who has “been there and done that” before you. It just so happens that I am a Medical and Spiritual Intuitive, Mentor and Angelic Healing Facilitator and available for remote or in-person private sessions to assist you in getting started on the path to a pure mind, body and soul. You may read some of my client testimonials by clicking here.

I also offer a complimentary consultation for anyone who has never worked with me before to answer any questions you may have. Click here to read about my work and to contact me.

During a session, I will make individual suggestions for supplements to take and detoxing methods to adopt, in addition to mentoring you to achieve optimal health. I make requests of the Angels on your behalf for specific healing, based on my findings. As a result, I support you in discovering the reasons for your illness, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

I am here to act as your guide on your healing journey!

I invite you to become a part of my community. Join the conversation and share your story as it relates to the ideas in “our” blog.

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