Gratitude turns what we have into enough!

Melodie Beattie


I challenge you to create a new way to begin your Thanksgiving Day this year and maybe even a new start to your daily routine in the days to follow!

A change of perspective is healthy and can shift your view of the day-to-day that may have become a bit humdrum. Instead, you can infuse it with a vibration of gratitude for what is, instead of what’s not. It’s like moving furniture around in your home, creating a new configuration that works even better than what was there before.  

Now this may take a willingness to commit, but I promise the experience will bring you more clarity and peace and an inner sense of balance that will follow you into your daily life and build over time. When you feel balanced on the inside, the outside world will feel balanced, too. 

Balance is what the world needs now more than ever, and it begins within YOU!

I know Thanksgiving is probably a day off from work for you, and you probably want to sleep in, but keep reading…

Set your alarm for as early as possible. You want it to be quiet and peaceful! Either sit up in your bed or find a quiet place in your home where you can make yourself really comfortable and warm; perhaps wrap yourself in a blanket and place a pillow behind your back to help you sit up straight but with extra cushy support. You may also sit cross-legged on the floor. I wouldn’t recommend lying on your back…you don’t want to fall back to sleep. Have a notepad and pen nearby.

Turn on some soft music, no voices, just music. Donning earphones to drown out any background noise can aid in bringing you more fully into your quiet space. Light a candle, and if you have a gas fireplace, flip the switch to “on”.

Now empty your head of any to-do’s (just for now) and give yourself at least thirty minutes to take a journey within.

Make this a special time; it is a gift of self-love and you deserve it!

Get comfortable and start off by following your breath in and out of your nose. See it as a light, and as you breathe in, “see” the light glowing as it moves through your nostrils and into your lungs. As you breathe out, notice how the breath moves more deeply into your body as it is carried by your blood. Breathe this way until you feel relaxed enough to breathe normally without thought.

Now open your inner senses and listen…the Divine may have messages to share, but, until now, you have been too busy to retrieve them.

Start at your head, and with full awareness, move slowly through your body, pausing at each part and feeling into what is there. Listen to what your body is telling you and write it down.

Stay in your heart and ask yourself, “What about me…my body…my soul am I grateful for?”

Is it your creativity, your voice, your kindness, your beautiful eyes, your smile, strong hands, working legs, ability to speak, flexibility? What are you most grateful for?  

Find something – because there is something in you to be grateful for!

If you find places within yourself that feel congested, dark or painful, or you don’t want to go there, pause and focus more deeply on what these places are there to show you. Send these parts of yourself love and compassion. This is what they need; this is what you need.

Ask that these things within you that block you from feeling, from healing, to be removed so that you may be clear and at peace. Go more deeply each time you do this. Go to the depths of your soul and then move outwardly into the vastness of creation. Explore, be inquisitive, ask questions!

We spend so much time in the physical world. Don’t you think it’s time to explore the Divine Being that you are within? Learn the vibrational language of the universe and find gratitude in the discovery of an expanded version of you.

In this month’s blog article, “Defining Gratitude”, I speak of gratitude as a vibration that is felt and generated from the heart through humility, compassion and love. If you aren’t quite there, then you know you have work to do and that you’re in the right place to do it!



Experience the joy of music!

I heard this song recently, and it made me want to move my body to the music. The vibration of the music filled my heart with joy and gratitude for the ability to feel and experience it.

I invite you to find a place where you can let go of all your inhibitions and allow yourself to listen to this song as it awakens your body’s rhythm and ability to move and feel the nourishment of the vibrations! 


Dance…rock…move to the rhythm…!!


Good Reads

This section is for book recommendations you would like to share that pertain to spirituality, spiritual growth, healing, angels…anything that speaks to feeding the soul. 

If you have read a good book you think may be of interest, please send me an email message to, and I may include it in some future month’s newsletter. 

This month’s recommendation is my own creation – Building The Bridge Inward Through Meditation: A guide to Divine connection and direction. A short time after I began meditating myself, the Angels asked me to create this guide for beginners and include with it 10 audio meditations. I created 11.

At the time, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this, but I gave over the development of the guide to my Angels and completed it a couple years after I began the project.

Now, I have revised my meditation guide and am offering it for purchase on my website – just in time for the holiday gift-giving season. This PDF version of my little book is affordable and easily downloaded – to read online on your computer or digital device or to print out and enjoy in a paper copy. 


This stepped program consists of:

An introduction and “getting started” guide

Eleven MP3 downloadable guided meditations

Blank journal entry pages to get you started

My meditation program can be purchased for $9.99 by clicking here.


Each individual meditation is also available for purchase. Click here to listen to a short snippet of each of the meditations and to make your selections for purchase. 




In Closing

If you have questions or comments on the content, please feel free to reach out to me. If there is something you want to see more of in the future, I am open to suggestions.

If you have something you would like to share in an upcoming month, send me an email message and let’s discuss it. I want this to be a place we can all share our journeys, including moving and motivational books, poems, movies, and quotes, as well as any personal story or experience you are willing to share.

‘Til next time…


Warm wishes for a soul-icious Thanksgiving!

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