Imagine yourself standing in front of a full-length mirror and being able to see into all parts of you. Would you be happy with what you see?

Growing up, were your parents supportive, loving, and kind, or were they abusive, inattentive to or even dismissive of your needs? How does this affect your sense of self and well-being now?

What was your environment like growing up? Did you feel loved, safe and secure, protected from harm’s way, or were disorder, struggle, stress and tension your “normal”?

What traits were you born with – analytical, creative, a combination of both? Did life seem to come easy or did you struggle to understand things, difficulty always at your heels?

I could go on, but I sense you get the picture. Your internal makeup, how you operate, think, act, react, how you manifest your energy, has everything to do with how you interact with the world.

In my January blog article, Cleansing your past for a clearer future, I detail how our subconscious mind records all our thoughts and emotions generated from all of our experiences (negative and positive) from the moment we are born. Our actions and reactions are driven by everything that is in the subconscious. By continuously cleansing and purifying our minds, pitfalls and traps that lie ahead of us may be illuminated, giving us the opportunity to move through them with ease, even sidestepping them altogether. This makes way for a smoother path and a brighter future.

Why is it that we forget how much we are loved and cherished by God and that our soul was spawned from that love, a love that all humans carry within their hearts for all of eternity? In my February blog article, “’BE’ the light and love that you are”, I share a vision of mine of returning to a place of comfort, of recognition, of being home.

This place, this “home”, is within all of us, and it is where we begin the journey of our soul donning a human body. As we start our new life on this planet earth, whether we are aware of it or not, we are setting out on a search for the meaning of our life. When we discover our deeper purpose and the answer to the question “Why am I here?”, we are led back to a place of light and love – back into the arms of God and the Angels.

As your journey here on earth unfolds, you will stand at a fork in the road. Will you continue wondering which way to turn, pulling your past experiences up and muddying your mind with all your “worst case scenarios” from the past? Or, will you surrender?

In these instances, life is giving you another run at a situation that may not have turned out so well in the past. Maybe this time you’ll realize you need help and turn inward for Divine help for the perfect resolution.

In my March blog article, “One-continuous-journey”, my intention was to help you recognize that, when the same and / or  similar situation keeps showing up, it’s another opportunity to face the issue head-on. This is your chance to shift your perspective so that you can learn from the experience. This experience, when you let it, will help you dissolve your fears so that this situation can never pull you backwards again. It’s a time to bolster your courage and own the strength and wisdom gained…it’s called evolution.

None of us escapes the experience of traumatic events unless we live in a bubble. Even those who appear to have it together, can, secretly, be suffering from the after-effects of significant trauma. Each event lays down its energetic imprint on our physical and spiritual bodies. Each event leaves in its wake non-beneficial beliefs, addictions and patterns that get locked in the subconscious. In my April and May blog articles, “Unwinding depression – part 1″  and “unwinding depression – 2 ”, I shared that our spiritual body is affected first by any mental, emotional or physical trauma.

When we attend to our spiritual needs through regular spiritual practices such as meditation (which is how we receive Divine light and prana [spiritual nutrition from our creator]), physical health and well-being will follow. This means that any impurities in our spirit are directly related to the physical health of our bodies. These spiritual impurities have a significant impact on our ability to feel peace, joy and happiness and to operate from the heart, rather than from the ego.

In my June blog article, “Purifying the mind”, I speak of what happens in the body as a result of all the stored data collected from the subconscious mind.  As you build your energy library of all that you think and feel, you set in motion a cascade of physiological and / or chemical responses in your body-mind so that they, in turn, create positive or negative energy. And, the negative energy tends to make its home in the most vulnerable places in your body, creating patterns that can set you up for addictions and negative behaviors.

In my June article, I outlined many of the things that have helped me clear the negative thoughts from my subconscious, thus allowing me to be more positive in thought and spirit and enhancing my ability to understand and move through difficulties with greater ease and grace.

So, how connected are you to the Divine above and Mother Earth below?

What I have come to know through experience and my own observations is that many of our struggles have to do with Karma – the Universal Law of cause and effect. The things we perpetrated in our past incarnations have stacked up. We all have Karmic debts to pay, and we pay them through our struggles in the present. In my July blog article, “The importance of a strong physical and spiritual foundation”,  I speak of this phenomenon and how to reconcile these debts we’ve incurred.

It is possible to become stronger in your sense of self and your ability to increase the positive Karma in your life while shedding the negative. Spiritual tools can not only help you but expedite the process of restoring balance even as you attempt to relate to others in a kinder, gentler fashion. For example, I hold a group call every Sunday during which many have received Angelic healing.

You must also realize that when you step onto this path, this freeway to God, your mitigation of past debts will be accelerated. What you will experience may feel as though someone hit the “fast forward” button on your past life as it hits you all over again at top speed. Know this: You will also have the Divine support to carry you through and keep you from being sucked back into the negativity. You will come out the other side enlightened and lighter, free of the burdens that have weighed you down.

Adversity is the catalyst that provides us with opportunity to enter into and move gracefully (or not) through change. The speed with which we experience the happenings of our lives is directly affected by whether we see them as challenges (read “problems”) or opportunities. So, how can you shift your perspective from challenge to opportunity?

In my August blog article, “Baby steps to becoming a butterfly”,  I compare facing a challenge to the cycle of the butterfly – the cycle being a mirror of the natural flow of creation. The butterfly offers no resistance through the four stages of its metamorphosis. Resistance would prevent the completion of the cycle that allows the caterpillar to become a butterfly. Transformation offers us the opportunity to deepen our connection to others and to the Divine and to accept creation as it is – perfection! This acceptance allows us to live a more colorful and fulfilled life.


can you imagine living in a maze of shrubs that are ten feet tall, making it impossible to see over their tops. Maybe you can catch a glimpse of “something” through the branches, but you are mostly blind to the bigger picture.


It is so much easier to let go and allow the Divine forces that actually do govern your reality to guide you to where you are meant to go and to that which is in your best interest.

In my September blog article, “Closing the gap between you and God through surrender”,  I described the act of surrender as a way of practicing the road to having deep faith in what may seem impossible. When the ego is in charge, you end up turning away from the support that can transform what seems like a hopeless situation into a miracle.

Challenges will continue to show up but having the proper tools and continuing to develop your faith will help close the gap, allowing you to live a truly blessed life!

Creation makes no mistakes. To be your best self, you must ignore the messages from outside yourself that say you are a mistake, that you have made a mistake. Courage and conviction are essential for you to live a life that says, “All things happen for a reason. These things and I are not mistakes but are meant to be, to happen. I learn, and grow, and am a perfect manifestation of the Creator.”

In my October blog article, “Mistake…or the path to wisdom”,  I talk about how your past experiences are there to support a shift in perspective. This shift can help you see that (negative perceived) past actions, reactions and words were not ever mistakes, but the path to a deeper understanding of your past by which you gain wisdom and compassion.

Experiencing the energy of gratitude can be very different from simply speaking the word. This energy can be felt in the chest, centered around the heart, and when you feel this energy, you become gratitude. In turn, gratitude becomes you as it ripples through your body like a warm wave, even evoking tears.

In my November blog article, “Defining Gratitude”, I spoke about how intention generates gratitude. When your gratitude intention moves out of you and connects with others, your intention is fulfilled in the best possible way. If your expression of gratitude is genuine, the people on the receiving end can sense it as an exchange of truth, humility, compassion, even a gesture of love!

As I am writing the December blog article, I am astounded at the lessons we can all learn from this summary of my blog in review. My 2019 blog has shown us:

  • The importance of beginning and maintaining a meditation practice
  • The crucial nature of a consistent connection with the Divine
  • The essential practice of cleansing and purifying the subconscious mind and body by using the spiritual tools available to us
  • How going inward and upward to the Divine for guidance and advice leads us on the path we are meant to take
  • Why the ego gets in the way of spiritual development and can create negative outcomes for us in the present and future
  • The effect of Karma, the universal law of cause and effect, on our incarnation and how living Karmically can balance the negative in a much more powerful way

The quote, “Let go and let God” is a powerful way of being by surrendering. Surrender is a building block of faith. It is only through our willingness to move head-first into adversity, not around it, that we can deepen our faith in what is possible. There are no short cuts to this process.

It is through our dedication to these practices that we learn the art of self-love, self-compassion, forgiveness, humility, courage and faith. These qualities can lighten your load, freeing you from past negative experiences and allowing you to live from your heart. You are then able to hold onto your power and to BE the balance, calm, and equanimity the world so desperately needs.

My connection to the Angelic Realm and to God is the most important part of my existence and will always take precedence over anything and anyone in my life. It is through this connection that I receive the nourishment, the knowledge and blessings that allow me to BE compassion, patience, kindness and love for all those I encounter. I pray I have been and can continue to be an example of the miracles possible in this way of living.

Remember: We are all Divine Beings, having a human experience…why not make yours exceptional!

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