Sometimes it takes us being shattered to pieces before we can know how strong we really are.

– J. Iron Word


I have no doubt that at some point in your lives you have had experiences that were unpleasant, traumatic, even paralyzing – leaving you dazed and wondering if  you would ever be able to get past them. You may have even detached yourself from your emotional response to the events, not allowing them to re-surface so you can do damage control.

A specific energy is created during a trauma, and when this energy isn’t assimilated and released, it roots us to that painful time. This energy weighs heavy on us, interfering in our relationships and our ability to feel happiness and joy in the present moment. We drag it around with us like a suitcase, adding more weight with each negative experience.

Pain, emotional or physical, is not something most of us want to experience, so we try to avoid it at all costs. But in the process of our avoidance, we develop coping mechanisms that become automatic. And if we continue to avoid emotional pain derived from our negative experiences, it builds up in our physical and spiritual bodies. Each time we are in a similar situation or we run into a certain person (and because that same energy is still within our beings), we can be triggered. This can end up making us feel bad, filled with shame, angry, and jealous, which can then lead to self-deprecating thoughts and actions against ourselves – all anti-divine behaviors that add to our negative karmic bank account.

We come here to earth to work on balancing our karma, not adding to it.    

As children, we don’t have the ability to understand what we may be feeling. It may not be safe to express ourselves. We may fear being punished or even beaten if we were to speak out. Or we may not even understand what we are feeling, so we ignore our feelings altogether, pushing them down and pretending all is okay as we move on.

Learning how to understand our feelings and then how to express them in a safe environment would surely be an important lesson to learn from our parents, right?

My parents certainly did not have this down for themselves, so how could they have encouraged me to express myself? I sense now that they had many triggers and unresolved issues from their upbringing that were carried into our family. Unfortunately, these unresolved issues didn’t start showing up until the pressure began to build as each of my siblings was born. By the time we had all arrived, it was too late to go back, so they went forward in an extremely reactive and dysfunctional way, creating carnage all along the way.

So how do we change these triggers and behaviors and release the hold our past has on us? How can we eliminate the blocks that stand in the way of healing the heaviness and pain in our hearts? How can we shift from feeling broken to feeling strengthened and empowered by what we have gone through?

My June blog article, “Jagged edges”, includes a series of vignettes written by me and my mother that illustrate the commonalities and differences between our two perceptions of shared past events. As she and I collaborated during the writing process, I was constantly triggered by emotions – a metaphorical leash, yanking me back, hard, reminding me that I had NOT faced and gotten rid of the emotional baggage that was weighing me down.

Read my entire blog article by clicking the blue link above.

I never thought it possible that the heaviness and pain so deeply engrained within me could be extracted. I thought it would be with me until I had left this earthly plain, my cross to bear forever.

Through my reconnection with my spiritual home, the relationship I have cultivated with the Angels and the continual use of many profound Angelic Reformational tools, I have found this heaviness of heart and mind have been lightened exponentially. I have become stronger, more discerning, more vocal about my needs and much more in touch with my emotions and the messages the Angels send me. My faith in what is possible has greatly increased over time, and I have learned to trust and surrender my will to a higher power that guides me in all aspects of my life. I could never have come this far without the support of my Angelic companions.  

I am reminded, once again, in writing this month’s blog article, that my relationship with our creator has nothing to do with religion. I am directly connected to the Angels, and their support envelopes me with light and knowledge such as I had never known in my early life.

I hope you will take hold of the Angelic support available to you as you examine  your past experiences and find the nuggets that will allow you to see, underneath it all,  who you really are, what you are made of, and what you are here to accomplish!


Forgiveness Heals the Soul

Forgiveness can be one of the most difficult things to “gift” to yourself or another but can also be one of the most profound ways to heal the deepest of wounds. Even if the person you want to ask for forgiveness or want to forgive is no longer alive, forgiveness is still possible.

I wrote this very powerful meditation to help you, in the privacy of your home, to experience forgiveness at its deepest level – the core of your being. Make yourself comfortable, open your heart and mind, and allow the Angels to assist you in the release of the burden of un-forgiveness.  Click here to download and listen!  

 YOU have the power to forgive; do it now!



In the Arms of an Angel

When I am in communication with the Angels, I feel held, cherished, and loved beyond what I have ever felt in a relationship with a human being. The Angels’ language is not linear. I usually don’t even hear it in words or sentences, but I know through my senses what they are saying to me. I have learned to trust in what they are sharing with me and that they are ALWAYS there and will never leave me. All I need to do is ask!

I have always loved this song, and it seems quite fitting for the theme of this month’s newsletter. Click this link to listen now. 



In Closing

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‘Til next time…


Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.

– Tiny Buddha


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