Resilience: (n)

The capacity to absorb energy from disruption.


Envision for a moment pieces of a puzzle that reflect your life experiences. Each piece represents a monumental time in your life…a memory burned into your being. Each piece arrives at different times, not necessarily in chronological order. Each segment zigzags and intertwines with all experiences of your life thus far.

Journaling about difficult times, strange dreams, symbolic visions, and unexpected encounters with intriguing people can help you see messages that have been coming in all along, but that you may not have been aware of.

Journaling is how we can piece together the giant puzzle of our life. When enough pieces are in place, you can begin to see patterns, healthy and unhealthy, that you would not have otherwise seen. You may begin to spot signposts placed in your path, guiding you and coaxing you in another direction, away from pitfalls, drama, and danger.

The universe is always nudging us with clues about why, where, and how. Paying attention to these subtle clues is the way to begin to see, not just with your eyes, but with your senses. Taking the time to write these synchronicities down opens the door to more clues about life, particularly about your life. You may see them as coincidences, but beyond these seeming coincidences is an invisible force operating all around us. This unseen force is always here to help lift you when you are down, when you are in danger, and when it is important to pay attention. This invisible force is more real than the illusion the “real” world is.

If only I had this insight and connection as a child, it could have saved me from a lot of pain and turmoil. However, my suffering was purposeful. It exposed me to a wide range of human behavior, throwing me into deep waters, allowing me to struggle to stay afloat. This is what strengthened me. I did not know it at the time, and I did not like it. It made me angry, but I was meant to feel it all, so that I could experience the relief of it being lifted from me. More importantly, these experiences have taught me humility!

My July blog article, “Disruption”, includes a series of vignettes about me when I was between the ages of 9 and 12 and are excerpted from my book. The blog article also includes the benefit of my parents’ perspectives concerning that time in my life.

I invite you to tear down your walls of what seems impossible and start to become more aware of the subtle patterns that show up in your world. Write them down, and soon, you will see a story emerge through your words. This is the way to becoming an open channel for more…



Navigating the storm


How do you handle things when all seems out of control? Do you hide away, drink yourself into a stupor, sleep to make it all go away? We all know this does not solve the problem; it only makes coming out of your stupor or slumber more painful.

By simply using your intention to find or receive help, all you must do is sit quietly and tune in. Listen to your breathing, observe your thoughts, and then when things calm down, go deeper, and listen.

I was at the very end of my rope when I began to meditate. I even had a dream that I had climbed down a rope ladder into a large body of water, and as I was coming up, one of the rungs was missing. When I reached my hand up to find something to grasp, I was swiftly lifted and placed on the deck where I had started. The message to me was to trust in the unseen, not the seen.

I wrote this meditation to remind you that help is there and all you must do is trust, reach and allow.

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This uplifting and spirited song is a reminder to me that we are all resilient, despite what threatens to destroy us. We have a choice to let life take us down or to get back up. This is how we gain the strength and power we didn’t have before.

Thank you, Joanne, for this song suggestion; it fits perfectly into this month’s theme.

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In Closing

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‘Til next time…


What lies behind us and lies before us are smaller matters compared to what lies within us.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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