Have you ever found yourself standing at a crossroads, feeling as though you are stuck in a bed of quicksand up to your neck? The thick bed of soft loose sand mixed with water sucks you down into that place of intense fear. Even though you are trying to hold firmly to your position, you feel there is no way out of this quagmire, so you don’t even take the time to investigate it.

Many of us have grown so accustomed to pretending all is well we forget what the truth really looks like and the freedoms we stand to lose in not facing these issues head on.

Meanwhile your mind repeatedly filters bits and pieces of this situation into your conscious awareness. When you bump into this person, encounter that place or circumstance…there it is, staring you in the face, growing substantially in size, but you’re only allowing yourself to see the tip of the iceberg.

But below the surface, things are bubbling and churning, interrupting your thoughts and chipping away at your peace of mind.

If you have found yourself at a crossroads such as this, this place – where you can go no further – is where you need to put your hands in the air and wave an imaginary white flag. Let go of your need to control and / or manipulate how you think things should turn out or how you feel someone should react. This could be a set-up for stormy weather ahead.

This place offers you the opportunity simply to surrender. Surrender to a higher power and allow yourself to be guided to your next right action. Not pushing and simply allowing can be a magical way to climb out of a seeming hole.

Transformation comes from a place of fear and unknowing and then having the courage to trust in a higher power to take you to safety. This is the time to allow Spirit’s shield to surround you with love as you face and then have the courage to walk through your fear, for on the other side of fear is transformation. This place may not always be exactly what you had in mind. However, it will always be a place of the highest and greatest good for you and all concerned.

When you can see challenges as opportunities for growth, you can allow an old belief to transform into a new one that evolves and moves you into alignment with your higher self. When you take the first step, trusting that all will be well, the Universe will fold in all around you with loving support for absolute success.

Turning your biggest challenges over to a higher power takes the pressure off you to figure things out by yourself. Surrendering when you are completely in the dark about a situation is the ultimate way to practice deep faith and trust, bringing about a sense of ease and flow. At this point, your responsibility is to let go and let God.

When you find yourself expending a great deal of effort with things you have never done before, you impede the natural flow of what’s true. Don’t limit your vision with a coloring of that vision that comes from what you know, a place of the past. In the place of letting go, the past no longer has power over the present moment. Stand in the now, look forward with curiosity, and trust that the mystery that lies ahead will unfold as it should.

Below are some examples of what the process of surrendering might look like

  • Taking a walk. Change of scenery is a great way to separate yourself from the situation, as well as a chance to connect with the purest energy of all things in nature.
  • Sitting quietly and focusing inward. Take several slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Meditating and asking Spirit to guide you. Spirit is your best guide to the appropriate answers and solutions.
  • Lying on your back and opening your arms wide. Let go completely and feel yourself give way to your need to control things. Stay here as long as you like.
  • Praying. Prayer can also be coupled with any of the activities listed above.

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