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April 2019

Here comes the sun!

The earth’s tilt has now changed its position and is making its way back toward the sun. As the earth draws closer to the sun, its warmth thaws the ground, making way for seeds to take root and vegetation to grow. Animals return from warmer climates with newborns in tow.

Just like the frozen ground, we humans can allow our body and mind to thaw, freeing us from suppressed emotions, nonbeneficial behaviors, physical tensions, and debilitating fears and anxiety.

Just as the sun thaws the frozen ground, we can experience a thawing of our spirit that allows negative energies to be pushed to the surface and released, no longer influencing our actions and reactions. We are then no longer tethered to the traumatic events that formed these negative energies in us. Through this process we can move from confusion to clarity, from anxiety to calm, from anger to love.

As we all experience the drastic changes of weather patterns and the unsettling news of the world, know that they are an accumulation of the collective consciousness and inner landscapes of everyone on the planet. We are all connected; we are all on this planet for a reason. We are all in this together.


How can we as individuals change this pattern from turbulence to tranquility and adjust our perspective, just slightly, of what “good” looks like, moving us all closer to experiencing more heaven on earth?

My blog article this month, Unwinding depression, details the many events and physiological changes that happen in our bodies and minds that set the stage, leading us to experience depression and anxiety, and to fear everything and trust nothing.

I pray that, by reading this article, you will allow yourself to begin to embrace the difficulties and challenges you face rather than trying to sidestep them or avoid them altogether. I hope you will learn to accept that this is the way to growth and enlightenment, wisdom and compassion. By turning your perspective a few degrees, the whole world can become more peaceful and balanced, starting with you!

Good Reads

This is a place for those who have read an insightful, enlightening and / or transformational book they would like to share and make recommendations on. I prefer that the recommendations be books that pertain to spirituality, expanding our awareness, consciousness, healing, angels…things along those lines. 

If you have read a book you think may be of interest to our group, please send me an email message to Info@LynzieBailey.com and I will post your review here each month. 

Here is this month’s contributor’s opinion of this book: 

The Soul of Money has left me with a different awareness and perspective of what I do for resources. The book also showed an interesting view that money and its custodian have a relationship that can often affect the flow of abundance.

This liberating book, Soul Of Money,  shows us that examining our attitudes toward money ― earning it, spending it, and giving it away ― offers surprising insight into our lives. Through personal stories and practical advice, Lynne Twist asks us to discover our relationship with money, understand how we use it, and by assessing our core human values, align our relationship with it to our desired goals. In doing so, we can transform our lives.

Click on this link and watch some YouTube videos to get more of a taste of Lynne Twist’s message on  our relationships with money!

Creative Numerology

This is an article by Christine DeLorey you may find interesting. You may also subscribe to her site for your personal weekly, monthly and yearly forecast here!

2019 (part 1) ~ WILL POWER

By Christine DeLorey 

The numeric setup for 2019 is one of the most complex and unpredictable I have ever seen. Therefore, this article will come in two parts. This is not a prediction. It is a description – of the energies we are moving through as we approach 2020 and the new decade of the 2020s.

You may read the entire article by clicking here!

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Have a blessed Easter!