Several weeks ago, I had a dream that I was walking up a wooden plank walkway that was flooded with ankle-deep water. I entered a house that was also ankle deep in water, and as I turned my head to look up, there was no ceiling, only roof open to the giant sky. I expected to see stars, but instead I saw what appeared to be a flock of flying fish. Before I knew it, one of the fish flew down to me, looked me straight in the eye, and then flew away with the rest of the fish. In the background I heard what sounded like a plug being pulled out and water swirling down a drain. Then, I woke up.

At the time, I had no idea what this dream meant, but it seemed significant. Later in that week, I had lunch with a friend, and when I described the dream to her, she exclaimed, “Ah! Fish out of water!” So, now you know how the title for this blog article came to be.

My entire life I have felt like a fish out of water, not having the skills or understanding to navigate my earthly existence successfully. As I think back on my earliest childhood memories, the sense I have is one of being covered by mesh that keeps me separated from others. I can see through this mesh, I can hear, I can touch and feel the outside world, yet I don’t seem to understand how things on Earth work. Specifically, I am puzzled by how people relate to each other and how they relate to me. I also face challenges with communicating my needs, gaining others’ attention, and most essentially, being understood.

Imagine for a moment that life here on earth is a circular, fast-moving current of air. This current represents the stream of life within which all things happen. I have always found it difficult to slip into the stream of life, as if I were blocked. I see others in this stream and sense they can see me, yet they don’t look up or notice that I am having difficulty. They all appear to be engaged and quite familiar with the way this current works, having no trouble moving about. But for me, it’s as if I simply don’t have the capacity to engage.

I know there are many others like me who are flailing about, not really getting what Earth and those on Earth are all about.

In reading about my background, you may come to the same conclusion I did, and that is that we don’t all come from the same places (meaning planets, galaxies, worlds), but we are all on planet Earth together to learn to accept ourselves exactly as we are so that we can let this love and acceptance flow out of ourselves to others in this giant soup of mixed cultures, beliefs, looks, likes, and differences we call humankind.

Just maybe someday (and soon I hope), we can all come to understand that we were all created from ONE and that we are all unique and different. This is what makes life here more interesting and diverse and is what brings varied perspectives, abilities, talents and gifts to the collective.

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