What you are most afraid of sharing is the very thing

that will set you free!



We all have secrets, things we may try to forget or stuff deeply into our beings. After all, if someone were to know about these things, what would they think of us? Some of our experiences may be so upsetting that allowing any tiny fragment to surface could cause us to react in shame, embarrassment, anger, and depression. And once our emotions start to flow, it may feel as though they may never stop.

But what if it didn’t matter what anyone thought? Isn’t what other people “may” think about us less about us than it is about them? And the word “may”, which means that they may not actually be thinking what we think they think about us at all, is really our own minds conjuring up these thoughts. It’s actually more about judging ourselves. We can be so hard on ourselves.

Our work isn’t about holding onto secrets; it’s about finding a way to express them, to release them so that they can no longer fester within us, sabotage our peace, and cause our physical body harm.

What has helped me to share my life story and my biggest secrets with complete strangers is the fact that I am human, and so is everyone else on the planet. And we are flawed: We act impulsively, make decisions that are not well thought out, can be inconsiderate of others, and screw up on occasion, sometimes more than at other times. And, as long as we aren’t continuing to do the same things over and over or making the same mis-steps, we’re doing it right. How else do we learn what is good and what is bad? Without the experience, we can’t grasp the benefits of our experiences.

I have found lightness in exploring the things that have previously kept me knotted up and weighed down. Sharing my story has been quite freeing. I feel lighter, happier, and more joyful because the negative energies left over from past mis-steps are no longer trapped in my bones, my flesh. They have no power over me or my body. I can no longer hear the little whispers, “You’re not good!” or “You are a fraud!” I am now empowered because I have grown and learned so much by revisiting my past. I am transformed and have come to a place of wisdom.

In my December blog article, “No more secrets”, I share private details of my life at a time when I followed a path that led me to participate in some very risky and dangerous situations. Those secrets held me in shame and remorse for more than thirty years.

It only takes a shift in your perspective to change everything that has happened in your past. You have a choice to see your past as ugly and terrible, or you can see it as the way you have built up your reserves of strength, courage, and determination, the things that are vital to what you are meant to do now.



How to find freedom from the inside out

By Lynzie Bailey

To feel free, it’s important to feel safe and held. Use this meditation to connect with the Angels and build your intuition muscle and access the guidance specifically for you from the Divine.

I am always in awe when I trust what comes to and through me and follow it through.

I wrote this meditation to assist you in doing the same. There is no better time to begin than RIGHT NOW!



This is my gift to you.




Sung by Josh Grobin

We have Angels all around us. Most of us can’t see or feel them, but they are there, waiting for us to reach out for help – anywhere, any time.

Angels are my go to’s for everything. They have a bird’s eye view of our lives and the road ahead, and, so, asking them for guidance can save us a lot of pain and effort and wrong roads and choices. The Angels are there to comfort us when we are down. They are protection from harm and will never judge us or disappear when we need them the most.

Along with Josh Grobin, I invite you to go a different way than you may have been going – loving Angels instead of trying to figure out your life all on your own.

Please listen and share this song!




In Closing

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‘Til next time…



In our struggle for freedom,

truth is the only weapon we possess.



Celebrate the season.

May you find peace, despite the storm!


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