Much of my life seems to have been centered around finding love (mostly from someone else) that would satisfy my deep internal craving for a sacred, honorable, and eternal love. I just knew this kind of love had to exist…somewhere. Where else would this longing come from? I have been in relationships that I thought were love, but none of them ever seemed to satisfy this hunger of mine. This holds true for my two marriages, the first because I was too young and the second because I was too needy.

I went into marriage looking for someone else to “complete me” (a too-often-used phrase these days). The older and wiser person I am today senses that this is how many people view marriage.

What I have come to know through my spiritual work and much internal exploration is this:

Before we come to earth, we are all in a place where we experience a continual stream of tenderness, nurturing, benevolence, and peace. We are light beings formed from the energy of love from our creator. This creator love is like a multifaceted gem, a timeless gift placed within our hearts from the moment of our spawning. In heaven, love energy is like the air we breathe on earth. It encircles and permeates us…it becomes us, and we become it.

It has taken me some time, but I have finally come to a place of knowing that, all along, I was always love, that I am love and that every cell I am made of is formed from the frequency of love. This does not just pertain to me. We have all been created from a spark of creator love that, once instilled into our beings, infiltrates every cell, every molecule, every piece of matter that we are.

As eager souls (believe it or not), we come to earth to experience life, to get or make right the things we didn’t do so right the last time we were here. We are all souls wrapped in a human body, the memory of life in heaven drawn down, like a curtain, when we arrive. As we become aware of our surroundings, we may feel lost, cut off from something we can’t quite make out. We might have feelings that we don’t understand.

Earth’s terrain can seem difficult to navigate. It might feel as though we’ve been dropped off in the forest, blindfolded with no supplies or compass to find our way out.

This is the opposite of what we came from, and it can be grueling at times!

With every incarnation, we have free will to make new choices and take new directions that can either lead us back to or further away from God. Unraveling the mystery of why we are here is the journey. Learning that we are love, that we come from love, is the shift, the change in direction…and it is a process.

Tuning into the center of our beings, we re-discover the path back to Eternal Love. Turning away from the earthly construct of a love that is tangled with manipulation and expectation allows us to be open to the sacred love we really are. We can build an internal strength that helps us see beyond earthly constructs and enlivens us with the all-powerful love of the Divine.

I have not been in a relationship in quite some time. Instead, I have been doing the work that has helped me to learn to love “me” unconditionally. As we approach Valentine’s Day, I realize how far I’ve come from that needy Lynzie. I have come to realize that we are all love. By loving every part of our beings, we are then able to re-connect with the Divine and bring that energy to the world.

It is our soul’s mission to “BE” this kind of love – exploded outward, without containers, without walls or ceilings, and without conditions. I invite you to travel within and connect with that eternal and pure love within your heart. Allow it to grow and become you.

Remember: Let yourself BE love and the world around you will return it in all that you seek.