Healing yourself from depression and all the many symptoms that accompany this malady – if taken on – can be quite a revolutionary journey of self-discovery, epiphanies, and finding and living in truth – despite outer influences and your own inner pressure / ego. Embarking on this path can offer you the opportunity for a deep and candid examination of your belief systems, your habits – good or bad – your character, your vulnerabilities, your relationships and your greatest fears.

An adjustment in your perspective and a willingness to face depression head on can lead you to your purpose. As you dive more deeply into your being, peeling away the layers of the onion, may you finally know what is behind your dis-ease and pain and what can be learned from them, how to gain strength, courage and a deeper compassion for yourself from the experience.

Through this internal exploration you will find many threads of connection from birth to now and, quite possibly, from past lives, that deepen your capacity to feel all that life offers – pain, fear, grief, joy, happiness and love – all at the same depth. This is where you will begin to live in your heart and not in your mind. This is where you can begin to understand that depression is information – an alarm going off that it’s time for you to “wake up”, take the reins of your destiny and walk through the fire.

I will say that this “fire walk” is not an easy one. Many times, you may suddenly come to a sharp hairpin turn that seems to come out of nowhere. You may fall into what feels like a deep valley for a time or find yourself feeling as though you are climbing the Rocky Mountains or wandering the wilderness without supplies or a compass to navigate. You may drive this crazy road of life in a beat-up Volkswagen bug, feeling every little bump and pot hole with great torment and suffering.

Do not despair…soon enough, you will begin to navigate the deeper sea with an ease and strength you didn’t have before. You will become accustomed to things being haywire, and you may even begin to know that the perceived chaos is REALLY ALL OKAY!

Our perception of things makes them good, bad or indifferent. Everything in creation is absolute perfection. It’s our perceptions that can muck it all up!

In the beginning of my blog article, “Unwinding depression – Part 1”, I mentioned that depression depletes your energy, making it difficult to get out of bed or off the couch.

Why does this happen?

We have many energy systems or chakras in the body. Each chakra has an energy vortex in its center that pulls in prana (energy) from the light fields that surround our physical body. These swirling wheels make up the center of each chakra that connect into large nerve centers in the body. The energy centers correspond with and govern different psychological and emotional states, organs and glands and run from the crown of the head to below the feet.

If any of the chakras malfunction, they can block the receiving of prana (energy) coming into them or pull in too much energy, disturbing the delicate balance and causing the associated organs and glands connected to that chakra to become weakened or over-energized.  This can manifest in the body as an emotional, physiological and physical disturbance and, if ignored, can lead to illness and / or disease.

When you suffer from depression, anxiety, or any physical illness, such as cancer, the emotions that are created during these periods are stored in the subconscious. Therefore, you cannot treat the illness without treating the subconscious beliefs that contribute to the illness – because they are connected.

Our energetic bodies or light fields are a series of energy systems that surround our physical body. This is where we receive our spiritual power, helping us to move through the stress of life. When this power is depleted (taken away) or given away (unconsciously) it is felt in the physical body.

When you are on antidepressant medications, the spiritual cords can be constricted – barely able (if at all) to deliver Divine light through the crown chakra and earth energy through the grounding cord. It is through these cords that we receive energy and power from our Divine Creator. This is our Divine umbilical cord. And just as a flower needs the sun to convert its energy into nutrition, we too need this light; without it, we lose our power source.

From years of subconscious programming, you may have web-like constructs that block you from receiving Divine light and energy. This directly interferes with your ability to intuit something or to hear your guidance. It also interferes with how much you can feel when your spirit family or Angels are near you, making it difficult to trust that these beings are actually here to support you and are a request away.

I have created the following list of suggestions and recommendations to assist you out of the dark and back into a light-filled and enriched life. I have suffered with depression most of my life, and the things I have listed out are things that have helped me. I pray they will help you, too.

Suggestion #1: If you don’t have a therapist already and you feel that you need immediate support, seek the guidance of a therapist that specializes in depression – especially if you are contemplating or have contemplated suicide. This can give you the hand-up you need to climb out of the “depression hole” and start to put one foot in front of the other.

(If you don’t feel the need to follow suggestion #1, skip it and go to #2.)

Suggestion #2: Every Sunday, I host a group healing call on which I play an audio meditation called “Subconscious Repair”, a spiritual tool created by my spiritual teacher and healer.

These Angelic Reformation tools were created to replicate what my teacher and healer used to do during a healing session. With these tools, anyone around the world can purchase and plug into the meditations any time, anywhere. As soon as you hit the “Play” button, it signals the Master Angels to come and perform Angelic Reformation Processes on your physical and spiritual body.

“Subconscious Repair” addresses the millions of constructed behavioral patterns and negative emotions that have been laid down by your experiences, traumatic or otherwise, over your lifetime. These stored patterns are how you act and react to every situation in your life.

As I mentioned in last month’s blog article, “Unwinding depression – Part 1”, you operate from everything that is in your subconscious mind. This powerful and transformative spiritual tool will reform you as nothing else can. It will restructure your subconscious, eliminating addictions, phobias, anxiety, paranoia and so much more. It is the most valuable tool to have in your arsenal for overcoming depression.

In addition to playing “Subconscious Repair” during my group healing call, I will also play 1 or 2 other spiritual tools, each one offering a different but valuable reformation process – carried out by the Master Angels. If you aren’t already signed up for this call, you may sign up here. I strongly suggest you join in on at least a few calls to see if it is a good fit. The CDs are expensive, and I offer the call free of charge, so it’s an opportunity to sample the tools and experience the changes.

Suggestion #3: Yin Yoga can be a gentle way to release stored energy and emotions locked in the hips, thighs, back, shoulders and chest. Similar to meditation, Yin is a slow type of yoga during which you will hold specific poses for 3 to 5 minutes, allowing the connective tissues and joints to be compressed in such a way as to allow for more chi (energy) to flow into them, keeping the joint tissues pliable, moist and protected from injury.

During this process, you are focused on the part of the body the pose is zeroed in on. The intent is to allow for any intensity and discomfort to float to the surface without resistance. You should not feel you must push through it and certainly should not continue to the point of feeling pain.

You will find this yoga to be a mental exercise and an excellent practice to unwind from the fight-or-flight syndrome and to help the body decrease its dependency on adrenaline to stay awake. You may search YouTube for many Yin classes and find the one that best suites you.

Suggestion #4: Most people have a weak nervous system, meaning that the nerves that run throughout the body have a decrease in strength that spills over into the organs, glands, heart, lungs and everything from the brain to the toes. With the constant stress most of us are under, the nervous system takes a beating, and we feel it in our ability to handle stressful situations – good or bad. The combination of a lack of strength in the nervous system with a significant decrease in Divine light makes for a plausible explanation for why so many people experience depression these days.

By supplementing with Blue Ocean minerals, also called OmniBlue, you can build up the nervous system, counteracting the negative side effects of stress. Taking these minerals daily can calm you down, aiding you in relaxation and sleep. They will also increase your brain and kidney function, strengthen the bones and so much more.

The kidneys can be depleted of minerals and end up creating acid crystals that can cause back pain in the area of the kidneys. These acid crystals will enter the blood stream, depositing them into the joints and tissues and causing widespread body pain.

Suggestion #5: I have a firm belief that my reconnection with my spirit family through meditation was the first and foundational step in finding a way out of depression. The sacred space created during this introspection and my reconnection with the Divine (something I never knew existed until then) allowed me to feel safe enough to begin to look deep within. Meditation is the medium by which you can feel the connection to your soul-self, the part of you that is and will always be connected to the Divine Creator.

This is where my healing journey began and where I recommend you begin yours, too. If you can’t find a way to meditate, I suggest taking a walk in nature as often as possible – especially if you have something on your mind that is chewing at you. The quieter you can get, the better you can hear your guidance.

Don’t wait for a crisis before asking for help. Once this connection has been made, cultivate, cherish and make maintaining this connection your priority – as a part of your health and healing regimen. Tune in every day, be humble and show your gratitude. The more you do this, even when you are doing okay, the more support you will receive.

After your time in meditation, I suggest you journal your experience. Later, when you recall your experience, you may feel you made it up, so it’s important to record it. After many journal entries, read it and re-experience how deftly your Angels and Guides communicated with you. Do this with all the signs you receive from your Guides and Angels, nature and the universe. This will serve to strengthen your faith.

You may also want to journal your dreams. Start a dream journal and read the entries in order after a few months. You may be quite surprised at what is coming through when you are more aware.

Suggestion #6: Physical pain can sometimes be an indication that something is amiss in the spirit. It is information for you to pay attention to.

The next time you are in pain and you know it’s not an emergency, I invite you to sit quietly (if you can) and focus on the area where the pain is coming from. What area of the body is it, and what does this area represent metaphorically?

For example, back pain can mean a lack of support or a need for back-up. It can also be referring to the kidneys, which can be holding tanks for fear energy.

Sit quietly and listen in as best you can and sense what comes through. Focus on this area and visualize the color of the pain. First, acknowledge this pain, feel into what it is telling you and then form an intention to move away from the area to allow it to dissipate or be carried away by your Angels and / or Guides. Sometimes, just simply paying your body some loving attention will allow things to resolve on their own.

You may have to rinse and repeat this exercise!!

With this article it is my intention to provide you all with the things that have helped me and to offer you a platform for continued support of all that you feel called to plug in to.

I wrote this and last month’s blog article because the ideas I presented in them have helped me understand the depth of our negative constructs and belief systems and patterns and how the subconscious mind stores them and interweaves them into who we are. Working with my own constructs has shown me just how powerful our minds are when they are not tamed and how they lead us to dis-ease, instead of to what our souls truly seek.

Know that all the things you have lived through so far have all been purpose-full – it is our view of these things that makes them mistakes – or our greatest road to understanding.

I invite you to become a part of my community. Join the conversation and share your story as it relates to the ideas in “our” blog.

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