Part 2: Cultivating intuition     

I learned about intuition through meditation quite by accident, how to further develop it and where it comes from. During my early practice of mediation was also the time I became aware that we all have an eternal soul, a part of us that never dies and that is infinitely connected to the Divine creator by a spiritual cord. Our soul is ever present within us, guiding us along on our journey through this life and functions as the interface between our human selves and the Divine.

Many of us have been steered away from knowing our soul-selves through social and religious conditioning and may not be aware of what the soul is all about. When we die, our souls leave our bodies and return to the Divine center (or heaven as you may know it). Our soul is our direct connection to our Divine source and is how we receive intuition.

Meditation serves as the vehicle, the way in which we enter into a place of silence, an unspoken invitation to the Divine beings to communicate with us. Meditation is a time to ask questions about difficulties you may be having or big decisions you need help with. It is a space to begin to discern the different energies around you. It is how you can teach yourself simply to “BE” – quietly, peacefully. And when you do this for a while, you will begin to relax and unwind from all that you have taken on and taken in. It is a time of releasing of the mind and body, and of learning the true meaning of surrender.

And these are all the things I want to share with you!

In this blog article, I have outlined a few steps to help you get started on your meditation journey – because this is where it all began for me and where I suggest you begin as well. Oh, and don’t let the word “meditation” throw you off or intimidate you! This is not an indulgence; it is a necessary component of nurturing yourself – your entire self – mind, body, and spirit! It’s a time to receive a downpouring of “spiritual nutrition” – just as you ingest healthy food for your body.

So, here are a couple of steps to get you started:

Step 1: You may purchase my meditation guide for beginner’s here. It’s a template to help you start your own practice and is only $7.99 and comes with 11 downloadable meditations to help you get started. Or find your own program and start meditating today. If you already have a practice, but maybe aren’t doing it regularly, get back to it! Follow the steps in whatever program you choose, and let me know how it’s going. I will be your cheerleader because I know how much the practice of meditation changed my life, and I am here to support you until you know this to be true for yourself.

Step 2: Start journaling! If you have an unusual experience, a dream that feels significant, or a meaningful insight, or you receive guidance in your meditation (or any time, for that matter), write it down! This document will be your proof that what you are hearing, feeling, and sensing is truly coming to you – and not you, only hoping that it is so.

If you do find yourself making things up, it’s okay. This is how you can determine when and how much you are interfering. You need to see the difference, so you can course-correct.

You know yourself better than anyone. This means that you need to do what will work for YOU. If you follow someone else’s suggestions, you may never do it.

I will post a few more steps in the next week for further instruction and support! I have done my best to keep this simple but if you need further instruction, feel free to message me. I’ll be rooting for you!

In the meantime, if you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, you might want to take a look.