Loving yourself isn’t vanity; it’s sanity!

-Katrina Mayer



February is the month that Valentine’s Day is celebrated through acts of kindness, the giving of gifts, cards, flowers and may even include a long weekend spent with someone special.

But we should never need a reason to celebrate love – especially a daily helping of self-love.

How often (if ever) do you consider taking time not only to purify your body, but your mind and spirit that support your spiritual growth? Be radically honest about where you stand in the line-up of consideration and compassion for total well-being by taking time away from the world to enable you to integrate and rejuvenate your spirit. Life is constantly bombarding us with things to do, things to think about, decisions to be made, tasks to complete, people to reach out to; that doesn’t leave much, if any, time to just be.   

Do you tend to compare yourself with others who seem to have more than you? Do you put yourself last and hold yourself responsible if things don’t go as planned? Are you your worst critic? All these actions have dangerous consequences for our spirit and spill over into your physical and emotional health.

Who and what is driving your vehicle, your intentions behind your actions? Are you driven by your ego and the need to feel that you are loved and / or appreciated because those things within you seem to be missing or are in short supply?

Or, are your acts and intentions driven by your heart and mind – together as an integrated whole?

I say, “Know thyself inside and out!” This knowing of yourself can counteract the notions you may conjure up that can get you into trouble, notions that have nothing to do with love.

If you are doing things for the sole purpose of making yourself look or feel good, the results will, more than likely, not match your intention Be clear about your intentions before you act. There is more power in no action than in an action with erroneous intent.

Don’t do things for others under obligation if you know your intention is only to get someone to like or love you. These actions will only throw resentment and anger into the mix and may later make you feel worse…especially if the person on the receiving end doesn’t appreciate or even notice what you have done. This is expectation at the highest level and a set-up for disappointment, only hurting you!

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you know you have work to do, and that’s perfectly okay! Radical honesty is what’s needed to acknowledge the areas where we feel weak and is a good place to begin to shift these patterns.

I invite you to get to know yourself, your likes and dislikes. Learn to express your observations without any expectation that others will agree with you, understand you or even hear you. We are all very different and that difference makes us all individuals and is what allows for diversity in life. Too much sameness can be dull.

My February blog article, “Know thyself and love will follow”, is about my journey toward extreme honesty and humility. It details some of the extraordinary changes I faced (and continue to face).  This process of continuous improvement has allowed me to let go of expectation and tame my ego and has led me to discover me, the real me under all those layers of others’ perceptions, expectations and demands. The process has helped me love who I am becoming.  

You may read the entire blog article by clicking on the link above. 

It is through our slowing down and turning inward for a time out that we can become aware of what is driving us in our lives. This heightened awareness is the beginning step in unearthing who we really are and of learning to know, therefore, accept and love all the parts of our being. This in turn allows us to be clean and pure in our intentions and to love those around us without any conditions or expectations.


A gift for you from me!


I have expressed many times throughout my blog articles and my book and in person the importance of creating and cultivating a connection with the Divine. This connection is like plugging yourself into a continuous source of revitalization, power, support and guidance for this thing called “the journey”. 

I wrote and recorded as a part of my meditation guide collection one titled “Centering and Aligning Your Energy”, and I am gifting it to all of you.

This short visualization and experiential meditation allows you to take a journey within, helping you to see a white ball of light coming down from above and entering the top of your head as it moves through your body, grounding you with the energy of Mother Earth below and taking you back up through your body to the Divine above, plugging you into this powerful Source.

This meditation is perfect to do first thing in the morning or any time you are feeling out of balance.

I pray you enjoy this meditation as much as I did while creating it.

If you enjoy this meditation, you may want to invest in the entire guide, Building the Bridge Inward through Meditation: A guide to divine connection and direction.

Or, you can purchase meditations individually.


Good Reads

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If you have something that you think may be of interest, please send it to me in an email message to Info@LynzieBailey.com, and I may include it in a future month’s newsletter.

Below is a simple but powerful prayer you may read daily to assist you in surrendering to Divine Will. These simple words, when spoken with intention, can be a powerful tool that can help you shift to receiving Divine guidance and direction for every decision you make now and in the future.

Prayer download!


In Closing

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